My new S110v Direware S-90: Initial Thoughts

Oct 6, 2016








Wow... I did not think I would be this impressed with the action on this thing. Once you get to know the flipper a little bit, it FLIES out, about as fast as a blade this heavy can. Think ZT 300 fast, minus the springs. It locks back with attitude, and you know it's not going anywhere. Doesn't matter what angle you flip at; even fully vertical with the folded blade facing straight down, this bad boy slams into position if you know how to flip it.

The takedown is the best of any knife I have ever owned, period. I give credit to the heavy blade and excellent pivot assembly. It just falls shut, every time, no matter what. There is absolutely zero grit in this action, and I wouldn't expect there to be, but damn if this isn't the smoothest little flipper I've ever experienced. It's hard to explain in text.

It's been my EDC since Monday. I intend to use it for anything and everything that requires cutting. It cuts through paper and arm hair like it's nothing. Extremely sharp out of box.

Highly, highly recommend these guys. It's big, it's fat, it's heavy, but if that's your thing, they are breathtakingly gorgeous and capable of basically everything. Can't wait to put some miles on it.
Not my style but nice to read that you are happy with your purchase :thumbsup:
His knives get flack due to their weight and overbuilt aesthetic, but I agree, the quality of them is top notch.
Not super practical looking, but different strokes for different folks and all that.