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My new Sebenza

Sep 2, 1999
After saving for months,I just recieved my small Sebenza,now I know why people like them so much(I think an Umfaan is in the near future). I just have one question: How many of you take off or leave on the lanyard?
I have a large Sebenza, got it about 3 years ago and I love it too!
As for the lanyard, I undid the knot to form it into a loop that will fit around my wrist. Now the lanyard dangles from my jeans and it's gotten caught on things more times than once.
Upon further reflection, I wish I kept it the way it came from CRK. The main advantage is that it eases removal from your pants pocket, assuming you're using the pocket clip.

Use it in good health!
All the Best,

That's my two cents. Hey! How come you're giving me change?
Do not despair. The knot on the lanyard is a simple ('hangman's) noose. You can find out how to tie it (and many more knots) at this URL:

Alternatively, contact DC. She always has one pretied for me!! Warning: beware of Sicilian women who tell you that you are going to get a necktie for Father's Day!

Hope this helps, Walt
Congrats on your new 'Benza. I know you will love it as much as we love our.

I took both the lanyard and the pocket clip off. I use a custom horizontal Graley sheath made by Gary Graley.

For some reason I just don't like the pocket clip and I think the leather sheath helps protect the knife.


James, thanks for the great knot tying reference. I took one of the Coast Guard auxilliary courses and forgot every knot about 1 minute after the test.

Now I can practice, practice.
p-b, my wife got me the "Ashley Book of Knots" for my last birthday. Tons of fun, almost literally


Congrats on the new 'Benza. I got a large one today from my wife. To cool. Not sure I can bring myself to use it. Much to pretty for that. Guess I will still carry my Starmate everyday, for now anyway.
Richard, now that is a great gift!

Use the knife. Start using it now. Don't hesitate. Kodiak will tell you to take a nail and give it a scratch to get it over with, but you will come to know the history of your knife by the pattern you make on it. You'll begin to find excuses to cut things, you might even begin to cut thinks a little long the first time in order to trim them down again.

Or is that just me?


I left mine on, I use it to pull the knife out of my pocket and I think it looks cool too. I did have a problem with the knot loosening up, but a couple of drops of crazy glue inside the knot took care of that. Congrats and enjoy!
Richard-I must have read that one wrong. You got a large Sebenza from your WIFE??? Where did you find her and does she have sisters????
I took the lanyard off. It makes the Sebenza less conspicuous clipped to my pocket. If you've got a Sebenza, use it. It makes it all the more pleasurable to own one.

Congrats on the new 'benza! I left the lanyard on my baby 'benza for about five minutes, then studied the knot, carefully untied it, retied it sans knife, and put it back in the box. The knife carries much better without it.

-- Carl
I too removed the lanyard after the first day. It did aid in pulling the knife out of my pocket but just seemed to get in the way. One advantage of the small sebenza is it's ablility to blend in. Keeping the lanyard just made it a little more obvious I had a KNIFE at the office.
Congrats on your new knife.
I have a Large Seb and love it. I personally kept the lanyard on mine, but I did familiarize myself with the type of knot used in case I need to use the lanyard at some point in time...
Follow the advice of the other proud owners and use it in good health. Once you start there is no going back.

"Worst of all my foes, I fear the enemy within"
*John Wesley*

Romans 10:9-10

"Military" Fans Unite!!

I take the lanyard off mine, I've got an old style large and a new style large, plus a new style small which is a great knife.

After seeing a pic of the three sizes together, which LarryLuana sent me, I'm thinking more and more of getting an Umfaan as well.


It ain't those parts of the Bible that I can't understand that bother me,
it is the parts that I do understand.
Mark Twain


Like Gary Graley said, I now have the trio.I got the large plain, and the Umfaan this last weekend from Dennis Wright at the Gun & Knife show here in Reno,Nevada.
I have carrying, and using the small Sebenza for about 6 months, and liked it so well, I just had to get the large one too.I was hesitant on the Umfaan, as it is pricey at $280, but after posting a thread here on the forums the other day, I easily talked myself into it.After looking at it, I fell in lust, and diffinently had to have it, and besides fills out the Zulu Trio.What workmanship!!
I've got Gary Graley making a horizontal sheath for the large Sebenza to go with the one I had him make me for the small one.
Like the others say, buy it, you won't regret it.Are made to be used, and the BG-42 steel is excellent for sharpness, and edge retention.

My .02 cents.

Oh, by the way, I almost forgot the question on this thread about leaving the lanyard on or not.Still coming down from the high of having all three, I guess!!I waited a long time.
I leave mine on, for ease of pulling out of sheath, or pocket, ane Gary made my sheath so the knife goes in pivot first so the lanyard hangs down, and easy to get a hold of.
Personal preference I guess is the appropiate answer.

Again my .02 cents.

Congrats,i have had my large for about 4 years and love it,this one never gets sold.

Larry,didn't know i was creating a monster when i sold you the small benza.Glad you like all 3 so much.