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My New Shop!

Dec 24, 2005
I finally finished setting up my shop last Friday. I spent a good part of my weekend profiling and grinding five knives. I'll get them heat treated and tempered this week. It was so nice to go in the shop and just start working on creating some knives. It's been about two months since I've been able to grind any. I was going over to a friends and he was teaching me what he knows about knife making. After the third one things started looking decent again. I was pretty happy with everything overall and I still need some things but I have a Bader III grinder, a buffer, a drill press, a wood band saw, a porta band set up vertically to cut steel, a couple of vises, and a good dust collector. The space is 11' X 15'. I've got a 2' X 8' table against the east wall, an L-shaped table 4' long and 6' long 2' wide on the west and south walls, and an island 3' X 3' in the middle. I put in 6, 2 bulb fluorescent lights and have 6 diffrent circuits (4 are 110V and 2 are 220V) with a total of 12 receptacles. I think it's a good start and I look forward to posting some pics of some knives soon.:D
Shop sounds great and a nice way to start a new year. Look forward to seeing some pics.
i second sounds like a nice set up.... i am re arranging mine to make room for my new addition ( KMG baby) yay.
;) I still havent finished seting up since I moves in the sumer. Just set up enough to work and started making dust. I'll get organized later I suppose;)