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My new super-tactical knife!

Jan 30, 2003
My sister give me this as a birthday gift, isn't it nice?


The first SAK with a REAL nail clipper, very useful, very cute. :)
I recommend it a lot for a gift to a girl or a non-knife people.



Sorry for my english :eek:
But, but, but,.... Its not of an intimidating blade length! It doesn't have anything on it to use as a bottle opener to discourage barroom brawls in exotic 3rd world locales....!!!


Nice, I hadn't realized they made one like that! I'll have to check it out!!
I always wanted one of those because of the nail clipper, but right now i have my leatherman micra to cut my nails :D
So - how does the clipper work? No comparison to Ace or anything? Batoning toe nails testing? Come on! :D

I see these getting big recommendations to send to our troops. I'd loved to have one when I was serving.
What kind for martial arts positions are useful with that nail clipper?

--The short clip of death--
does Mtech make those? Mtech makes the best tactical knives, so they must.

seriously. a nail clipper. thats pimp. congrats on the new toy.:)
It's a great design. You can even get one with a small screwdriver instead of the knife blade, and it's TSA approved for flying. There's also a stainless steel handled version, but I like the red plastic. I WILL be picking one up for myself.
Thanks for watching!

For the ones who ask:

-The bloodgroove is on the other side of the blade, doesn't show in the picture :rolleyes:

-The blade lenght is short, is for concealed carry!

-No battoning test yet, I chop my toe nails :eek:

-It has a very versatile handle. I really like the Pakal Nail Clipping Technique ;)

-Nop, only in red, for blending with the blood of the deanimated bad guys. :jerkit:

-Well, nop, not any knife can be "tactical". Remember this is a Swiss Army approved nail clipper!

-Yep! I'm a marketing genius! :p

Seriously, is a nice toy. Clipping your nails with the scissors of a SAK or a Leatherman can be veeeery challenging!
This is a nice addition to the SAK family


Sorry for my english :eek:
They also make a TSA-OK version that has a precision screwdriver in place of the knife blade.
I've seen beautiful work by guys like Oupa who can rehandle SAKs with better materials than just red or black plastic.

My One-Hand Trekker has a black handle. Great knife in whatever color. :)