My new Vaquero Grande!!! (drool!!!)

Feb 22, 1999
I picked up one of the old style vaquero grande's from Cold Steel (w/o the clip) thru their closeout flyer sale, and it was just delivered this morning. I knew I was in trouble when I saw the box CS packs it in

I think my first words after taking it out of the sheath were "holy $@%^ing $#@^!!!"

I did my usual quick opening, and almost lost the knife because of the unexpected shift in weight
there is a nice, satisfying "CLACK" upon opening. I had to call one of my co-workers to come into the room to check it out. He was quite impressed as well.

I've never been intimidated by a folding knife before, except for the pocket hobbit, but this knife is a mean looking dude when it is open. I balanced the UPS box on my file cabinet and came with a fairly easy downward slash, and took the box in two. Now there are foam peanuts everywhere

They're a pretty decent price (and I've seen em on EBAY for pretty cheap too) so you may wanna pick one up if interested. I don't miss the clip, since I don't think I could feasibly carry this in my pants pocket w/o drawing undue attention.

any other proud VG owners out there?
Yeah, they are a cool piece of work. I love mine.

Unfortunately, it's one of the few folders I own which is too large for comfortable daily carry. Jim March is our resident expert on the Vaquero Grande. If you do a search, you should be able to find some minor modifications he made on his to make it "just right".
I have a Vaquero Grande. Y me gusta mucho. And no, it's not that uncomfortable to carry, surprisingly enough. Mine is the older model, with a plastic sheath thingamajig rather than a conventional clip. I don't use the sheath; rather, I simply stick the knife in my back pocket, pivot down. Believe it or not, I've found it to be quite comfortable to carry in this manner, whether sitting or standing. I just stick it in my pocket and forget about it. I wish it came in a plain edge, with the edge bevel ground on both sides. Now THAT would be the ultimate folding watermelon knife.

David Rock

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The vaquero is a lot like the navaja in the large size and curved handle. The lock is different, and navajas are typicaly larger, but quite similar. The "nogales clip" on the knife is even from navajas. I'm translating a treatise on the use of the navaja that dates from 1849 and on the mystery page in between pages 6 and 7(the numbering of pages was weird back then) there's a Gypsy warrior holding a sword-length navaja with a "nogales clip".

I've always liked the way these knives carry in the pocket. The way the handle curves conforms nicely to the leg/pocket and almost disappear. Additionaly, they are large enough that they don't get lost in the bottom of the pocket, they're right there when you want to draw them. Historicaly, the navaja was carried tucked under a belt or in a sash wrapped around the waist/abdomen.

I considered getting a vaquero grande myself, as it was the closest thing to a quality navaja on the market, but it's just not the same without the carraccas, and the highly decorated handle found on some.

I might get one anyway if it comes in plain edge.
I'm a proud owner as well. VERY proud, for that matter.. I don't really use it for utility - actually, I don't really use it at all b/c it's one of my defence pieces, so I'd like to keep those stupid little serrations sharp.

TomMarker: I had the same reaction, except I was walking down the street near the local high school tearing open the package with my Endura.. COULD NOT resist. I've never laughed out loud upon receival of a new knife *clack*, but this one took the cake

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I seem to be one of the minority who have a Lg. Vaquero rather than a Grande. I found that this one is very comfy nestled pivot up next to my wallet in my back pocket. About an inch sticks out,enough to grab for a fast draw but not enough that anyone`s noticed it. I carry mine everyday and though it`s primarily a defensive knife I have used it on occasion to slice rolls or bread and once to cut carpet. Once I even used to to cut open some tough shelled Alaskan king crab legs at a resturant. Now that got a few strange looks!
I`ve sharpened it maybe twice and although it`s a real pain it`s do able with a small diamond rod that has a flat on it (EzLap). It just takes forever. Marcus
I have both the Grande and the Large... 1 inche difference. Both are the older style, one has the IWB rig, the large has the belt sheath in black nylon...
Both are great. Real working knives. Neither are a daily carry. I have a M-16 - but dont carry that every day either - I have an HK USP or my Walther PPK/S - those are for every day...

I mean, if I went around saying I was an Emperor because some
moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, people would put me away!

Yeah I have one of the older style VGs. I carry it in the small of the back in the sheath usually, though sometimes I'll just shove it in my back pocket. Greatest bagel slicer ever made.

Oh, and I agree that it would be great if it came with a plain edge. Somebody here (Yekim?) ground the serations of his. Something to consider.


Mike Melone
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I don't think I was seeing things, but at the Blade show, I saw Lynn Thompson with what appeared to be a G-10 or scaled version of the Vaquero. I couldn't tell if it was a liner lock, but it was definetly not a molded handle. He said it might be in production. He was speaking to Laci Szabo and Fred Perrin and also mentioned that there could possibly be a 6" version of the standard clip point coming soon. I hope this wasn't meant to be a secret, but when I saw this topic, I couldn't resist.

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I also picked up the Grande and Large old versions on special awhile ago. The prices
were so good I had to pull the trigger. I think they make great yard knives, i use them as mine saws.

I'm sure Jim March will be interested in your post in his quest for mega-folders

"Earth has its boundaries, but human stupidity is limitless."

I picked up a VG from Kodiak PA in very good shape. I have used this bad boy only against unruly shoots on my fruit trees, butt it reshaped an avocado bush into a tree in short order. It worked great as a saw in short grip and then I hiked my hand back on that huge grip and it sliced new growth like a mini-machete. I love it as a pruner.

Thanks again Kodiak

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To smooth a large Cold Steel Zytel lockback, find the "stopnotch speedbump" in the tang metal and alter it from an "abrupt half circle" to a "broad smooth half-oval".

You do this with the largest diameter dremel cut-off wheel you can find, going dead slow so you don't screw up the temper. You slip it right down between the Zytel grip halves with the blade fully closed, so the safety factor isn't too horrendous.

The result is a faster, smoother and more reliable snapopen.

This mod has been tried on 5" Voyagers and Vaqueros that I know of, and should work on the 4" series too. NOT the Scimitar of course.

I'm *not* that interested in any other CS 6" megafolder unless they seriously improve the steel and lock, at a minimum. Both the REKAT Sifu and the Camillus megafolder should be able to kick a CS's tail in the overall quality department and send it screaming back to mama.

The Scimitar lockwork is NOT adequate for a megafolder. The lockbacks are a "crude brute force engineering approach" but they ARE tough enough to support a 6" blade.

Jim March

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I have a new mode one and it's really nice. Found it smooth and sharp right out of the box.

Don't find it too big, but then I'm a little above average size myself. It feels about right in size to me while most of my other folders seem way too small.

Made a nice leather sheath for it for when I don't want it in my pocket or open on the belt.
yeah, right now i'm still carrying it in the concealex sheath in the small of my back. kinda uncomfortable the way the weather has been lately though. I wanna get a horizontal carry sheath for this bad boy, seems like the quickest way to deploy it.

Showed it to a buddy of mine (Coronach) who couldn't resist giving it a snap

Someone at work commented on my AFCK as being a big knife the other day, so today, I whipped that VG out of nowhere. Note, this is NOT something to do with the average typing pool person

I think they're going to buy one too now