My Next Knife

Oct 23, 1998
I have a one hundred dollar bill in my pocket and I want to trade it for a good folding knife. What are the best options? Already have a POLICE and AFCK...
'Pends on what you want to use it for, I guess; I just got a Spyderco Wegner and I am pleasantly surprised at how robust it is, sharp, too. It's a good worker around the rancho cutting the usual stuff you find in the field. It's a nice looking knife, too; I like the way the handle curves to take advantage of a natural grip.

I'm a Spyderco Woman so I would say go for something Spydie and you can't go wrong.

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I have two different suggestions; but both of them involve more than $100.

Many folks have had good things to say about the EDI. I have been pretty tempted myself by this one. Their customer service has been very good. And they do seem to care more than a lot of other mfgs.

But my better suggestion is to save a little longer and get the Sabenza. I use to be a big BM fan, (don't say a word, Walt) but have put them all in the display case now and don't carry any of them. The 'benza is with me 7x24. And the reason I keep putting off the EDI is to wait and get one of the smaller Sabenzas. Yes, I know $300+ is a lot for a knife. I never thought I'd own anything that expensive. However, there are very few knives on the market today that will have the level of customer satisfaction of a Chris Reeves Sabenza. Mad Dog is the only other maker I can think of that has as large and loyal of a following.

my opinion is put $20 with it and get a Genesis from EDI...this is a great knife.

I went to a store and handled one...if I had $100 on me right now I wouldnt hesitate to go buy one.

Impossible to beat thier customer service as well.


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Put the $100 away. The next time you have $100, put it away too. Keep putting hundred dollar bills away until you have about $400...then get your choice of Sebenza for folder of a MAD DOG fixed blade. IT's worth it but it probably also means you will be hooked.

Sebenza-Shmenza... $400 for a knife?
People - I like my knives now... love them... but your talking about beong up in the cost levels where I start thinking in terms of Heckler & Koch!

This EDI Genisis LOOKS good. In fact it has all the right curves... kinda like a 944S2...
But supposed to be similar over all to an AFCK. I will have to look at one. Any one know where there is one in Virginia?

I kinda like the curvy look of the CS Vaquero - don't flame me for it... The Grande is kinda sexy... Any one here have one of those? Or used one before? CS has a thing for thin blades... What is up with that? I have kitchen knives thicker than some of these Cold Steels...

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IMHO most blades in your price range will be worth the money you pay. Goto and look around until you see what YOU want. The 400 buck range on the other hand has been clearly defined as the "serious operator" or "serious collector" arena, which I am not in, and at $100 niether are not be ashamed! Buy what suites you best and put the extra $20 or $300 away until YOU are ready to spend it.


Radarman... I have been a "serious operator" and for those reasons I prefer to use fixed blades when I was on a mission. I used a lot of GLOCK knives... EK knives... and I like the Buck M9 as well. Knives I can loose and break and shrug off. I usually carried 2 good sized combat knives...
Being a former "serious operator" don't see the tactical need or advantage that spending $300 more on a folding blade will give me.
The AFCK knife - got one when they first came out - served me well. If a knife is going to be able to MORE than the AFCK did... then yeah it would be more... But I dont see how it could do THAT MUCH MORE!
Now, If I was a "serious collector" then that would be a different story... I would want ALL knives... I don't. I want knives I can USE and ABUSE and not one that I am afraid of loosing.
One of the best knives I had was a SOG SOGWINDER... It was kinda heavy for it's size... but it was a serious WORKER... Steel handle covered with some rubber scales. SOLID knife. I loved it... I lost it - spent some time looking for it... couldn't find it "Oh Well" went out and bought an all metal ENDURA within the hour. I was pleased with it. Cost was about 60 at the time (It was a long time ago - dont remember money figures too well).