My Pre-1986 Buck #115 Set

Dec 27, 2006
Just wanted to show off some pictures of my bucks. This is a pre-1986 Buck Knife Sportsman Set #115. As you can see from the pics, the set in is pretty much perfect condition. I had actually posted on here a while back just to see if people could tell me more about the set, but I didn't get too many hits, so I decided to post a new thread with a name that might get some more looks.




So could anyone who is a big collector help me out with some more info? Like I said, I know they're pre-1986. I'm no knife appraiser, but I've seen more rugged, used, beat-up sets selling for over $150. This set has just kinda sat in a box for 20 years and looks awesome. Thanks in advance for any help!
Sorry this response is kind of late. Thats a nice looking set! You dont see too many still in the box. I think that most folks actually used these sets so they are somewhat hard to find in this condition.
I cant tell from the pictures for sure but the knives look to be from 1981 to 1986.
I hope this helps.
You should have put this set up in the 'for sale' Buck thread here first I think.. Hell, I would have given you way more than 150..

Hey, have you got any more liken this??
You should have put this set up in the 'for sale' Buck thread here first I think...

To carry on from the other much would it be worth??? He didn't know...and the For Sale Forum requires a price ("This isn't an auction") I could see where an outsider would ask here...

But I agree on the "Sell it here"...we should be giving objective estimates and suggesting that they sell it here, rather than on eBay/BladeBid/BladeAuction/TheKnifeAuction/SwingGuard's...

Sometimes eBay auctions will pay more (bigger sellerbase)...but it would sell here *faster*...

...$.02... :rolleyes:
Thanks for verbalizing your points in the above statement!. This is exactly what I believe and am in total agreeance with you. Additionally, I see I may not have been quite clear. I never examined the other thread so I was unaware what was stated there by others and your point in that regard is very well taken as well.