MY Quick impressions of the EDC

Jul 2, 2000
Got one of the 154-cm models yesterday at knifecenter. As some of you know, I am on a crusade to find the perfect EDC. I figured that any company cocky enough to name thier knife the EDC is worth checking out. I wasn't expecting much, but I was very surprised. Put it this way. I was going to drop the big bucks down on a lefty Sebenza next week, but that has all changed now. Not that the CR is not worth the money, I just can't justify buying one as a EDC now. I wasn't going to buy the CR as a collectors item. I wanted a user. BTW, for those of you that want a dressed up EDC, the anniversary model EDC is now available. It will be my next purchase. It will be a collectors piece for me though. I think I may have to get one in Talonite too. At least I don't have to decide which one to buy. I'll get them all!
I just sold a small sebenza after getting a EDC. IMHO, there is no way to justify the price of the sebenza when the EDC is as good as it is,for the price that it can be bought.
I have to agree, after paying for the Large Sebi, which I still enjoy! I don't think I would feel quite so happy if I could have bought a near 4" 154CM CUDA EDC as an alternative. The Sebi is one of the knives you must try or own to 'know'...

After owning a Sebi and playing with it for a while I know it is a great knife, one of the best anywhere. However the EDC has shown me that I don't need to spend a fortune to get a frame lock and a great steel, if only a BG-42 model was available:D !

My point? I wanted (and still do) a small Sebi, but after buying two of the 154CM EDC knives for about 1/3 the price of a small Sebi, I can't justify that price. Esp when I am out of work. It gives you a new perspective on value.

5-6 154CM EDC knives or one small Sebi? Or like I did a lot of knives (all quality) for the same price. Different folks, different strokes.
I just received my 154cm EDC today. For $55 it's the best value out there bar NONE. The blade was much much sharper from the factory than the bencmade 690 I just got. The action is slick, fit and finish are great! The only knife I have that compares to it is my Benchmade 635 Ares. And it cost me $115.

Hey Will! Make a bigger one! They're GREAT!

Steve Ferguson
All I have to say is, every once and a while a knife maker will come out with a design that makes people go nuts. MT has the LCC, BM has the 710, and Camillus has the EDC. The funny thing is Camillus is doing it at half the price.:D
At the prices 1SKS is charging for the 154CM EDC, this knife has gotta be the buy of the year. Only wish it was a tad larger, say 3.5" blade and mabye slightly thicker handles.

Andrew L
I agree. The Camillus EDC 154CM is for the money, the best production knife you can get PERIOD. I own several knives, but the EDC is my everyday carry knife. It is perfect for everyday chores and is very comfortable to hold and use. The Camillus EDC is simply to die for. Now a Darrel Ralph custom EDC would be something! Kudos to Mr. Ralph and the great folks at Camillus for an outstanding collaboration!! :cool: :) :D
I needed to test how to post pics with the new software, and thought ya'll might want to see some eye candy. This pic is from a recent photo shoot with Terrill Hoffman...... both sides of a 125th EDC.....