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My Scrade Knife story

Apr 23, 2000
Even though the title is misspelled, I do know that it is "Schrade."

Back in 1985, I bought an 897UH. Great knife. I particularly liked how the sheepsfoot rode really low. The serpentine handle was another big plus for me. That knife was my constant companion for a couple of months until tragedy struck (for knife knuts tragedy means different things).

I was on a business trip getting training for my job. I went out for a ride with a couple of friends. The car was acting up so I got out and tried to figure out what was wrong. While I was underneath, I pulled out my knife and fiddled with a part that had come loose (you can tell I am an expert mechanic). Anyway, I fixed it, jumped back in the car and off we went. About 5 miles down the road, I yelled out, "my knife is gone!" Of course, I had left it on the ground. There was no way we could go back and find it as we had no idea exactly where we had been.

Well, I got home and remembered the "Loss Guarantee" that Schrade had. All I had to do was have the form notarized (I think I remembered having to give some circumstances) and mail it off. A few weeks later, I received my brand new replacement. That was over 21 years ago.

I still have that knife today. I don't carry it anymore, but I bring it out for a few days every once in awhile. It has aged very well even though I haven't.

Today's nostalgia has me bidding on a 34OT on ebay. And I've downloaded a ton of threads to read on my trip next week.

I hope I don't go too crazy, but that knife sure was/is well built. I'd like to have a few more of what a good old (and unfortunately gone) Amercan company made. If you have any stockman suggestions, let me know.

Thanks for reading. :)

Interesting story, thanks for sharing. I don't carry a knife, though I keep one in my Jeep for opening packages and the like.
hi,nice interesting story mr.rdaneel,and unless im wrong would you believe ,i think your bidding on one of my 34s in a clampack,hope you get it,but just in case you dont,ive still got quite a few more of these so one way or another youll get one.again thanks for the story.
My story may not be quite as solid. But a Schrade story as well.

In about 1976 or so I received a Schrade 498 from Santa Claus (and at the time I did know much better) but it was a great present in any case. Leather handle, brass guard and end, great sheath the works. I used to do a lot of camping in those days and we'd kill a rabbit or deer or other small game to eat, just like the guys that roamed the Wild West. This knife saw a lot of use. While I was in high school, I worked in the schools VO AG's slaughter facility and this knife saw a lot more action. I personally skinned well in excess of a hundred animals with it alone. Always held an edge and did not wear at all. In 82 the knife disappeared. I still had the sheath but the knife was lost forever, or so I thought. Last year, I had the best surprise. I got a call from the instructor (who happens to be my dad) and told me they had found the knife. They were cleaning up at the slaughter facility and, lo and behold, the knife showed up. Well I have the knife and the sheath is a little worse for the wear as the lab puppy found it in the closet and thought it was a chew toy, but I have them back together again. What a good feeling. But, the best is yet to come. Tonight, I found a new, mint, in the box knife just like it on eBay. The same exact knife! Well needless to say I bought it on the spot. I can’t wait for it to come in. I feel just like the kid that opened the present ever so long ago. This one will never get a drop of blood on it though.

Well that’s my Schrade story. :cool: