My spell checker is dumb as bricks

David Mary

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Jul 23, 2015
This happens all the time. I will mistype a word on my computer, and then right click to quickly get a spell check replacement for it. But within the last few months I have been noticing that the obviously intended word is absent, and nonsensical alternatives are offered instead. It's like spell check is either trolling, or was programmed by someone without a clue. Just needed to finally get this off my chest.

I'm a terrible typer. I even took typing in school as I'm old enough that we had typewriters still when i was in high school.

I feel my phone software has learned my bad typing and spellings as options.....

it used to give me real words for my bad spellings, but now seems to offer other bad typings and spellings of my bad typing and spellings....
I noticed this recently as well. I misspell a lot on my phone as I'm awful with touch screens, both the program's spellchecker and my personal spellchecker (me) have been letting me down a lot lately.

Based on my experiences working in a factory near Detroit, I feel like AI is learning from the wrong people. I was reading a post on the bushcraft forum recently and there was so much Southern slang mixed in, I it was too much effort to understand what was going on and I just cut out in the middle of the paragraph and moved on.

Garbage in, garbage out...