My Swisstool saved my Supertool

May 22, 1999
Doh! Have you ever done this? Opened all the blades on one side of your Supertool? I sat there for maybe 10 minutes with a dumb-look before I figured out what to do. Grabbed my Swisstool and used the medium screwdriver to pry the locking mechanism enough to release the tools. Tried my PST II first but the screwdriver kept closing and I couldn't get enough leverage.

Not even halfway there and I'm running out of ideas to post
I did the same thing the first day I got my Supertool!! I saw the thing about needing a screw driver if you open all of the blades at once. Of course I opened all of the blades at once and looked at it for a while not knowing what to do and not wanting to have to find a screwdriver. I finally found a screw driver and unlocked the blades.
David -

"Not even half way there (w/49 posts), huh?"

Well, I FEEL for you!

So, with this shameless response post of mine I'm that much closer to" half way there" for the time being! LOL

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