My Three New Knives, whatcha think?

Nov 18, 2006
Top to bottom, Benchmade Benchmite II, Kershaw Blur, Buck 110


That covers a wide area of knife needs. Like the looks of the blur. Kershaw give a lot of slice for the buck.
Got the Buck and Blur - very happy with them. Don't have any experience with the Benchmite ll. Cabela's has the Buck 110 in S30V Alaskan Guide series which I am sorely tempted to buy. Don't know how it is heat treated or if there are any chipping problems. Looks like you have a nice selection of users there Suzukigsx1300r08.
Got about 25 110s and the same blur.......they are great knives for sure........don't have that Benchmade but I have others so I am sure that is also a great value to me is the Buck 110, with the Kerhsaw next....The Benchmades are good but a little costily for what you get.....
I love 110s, i'm actually thinking of getting a 112 soon. You wont be sorry you bought that one.
Yeah, im overall happy with those knives. I love the 110, its a beast of a knife. The benchmade is nice if you dont want to pack a larger pocket knife but need a good knife to cut whatever. The kershaw is also a knife, a close favorite of mine.