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My Vic Handyman vs LM Juice CS4

Discussion in 'Multi-tools & Multi-purpose Knives' started by Ford1911, Jun 20, 2014.

  1. Ford1911


    Jul 29, 2007

    I had asked a while ago for a comparison on the two. Well I broke down and ordered them both.

    I have to say I am very disappointed in the Leatherman. I have several multi-tools. This is my first leatherman though.

    The blade is very dull. Not that big of a deal. I usually sharpen a knife as soon as I get it anyway. The knife blade has pretty much no resistance as far as opening or closing it. I can open it just by using my thumb. I worry a little about haw easy it closes.

    The point on the awl is not as sharp as the SAK.

    Unlike the blade, the scissors are crammed in and almost seem bent to fit into the space. You can hear them scraping against the sides when taking them out or putting them in.

    The screw driver bits are hard to get out but I had heard of this problem and with use perhaps they will become easier.

    The pliers and all the tools in this small of a package are the CS4's best attributes.

    I am sadly disappointed in my first leatherman. The quality seems so poor I am almost curious as to if it is a knockoff.

    On to the Vic Handyman.

    It's blade and all implements seem superior to the leatherman. My gripes with the Victorinox are the tools on the bottom are difficult to get to because the cork screw is in the way and it's size.

    It doesn't seem as bulky as I thought it would when carrying it in my pocket but the thickness of the knife make it clunky to use.

    Overall I would have to go with the Victorinox. Even though the pliers on the Leatherman are much more useful the rest of the leatherman is no where near up to the quality of the SAK.
    I am not trying to antagonize LM fans. I was truly expecting for the Juice to come out the winner. I was very excited to get this multi-tool. The quality of the item was just a big dissapointment. So bad in fact like I said I wonder if it's a knock off, but I don't think it is.
  2. SpookStrickland


    Sep 27, 2012
    I agree too, leatherman does not ever feel as nice as a good SAK
  3. Miao


    Nov 18, 2013
    That's my experience. Plenty of people like their Leatherman, but I've not been impressed with the way their tools are put together. A far cry from Swiss precision.
  4. Shotgun

    Shotgun Gold Member Gold Member

    Feb 3, 2006
    I have to jump on the bandwagon too. I had a wave a while back that was pretty well built but all of leatherman's products I've bought recently have all been pretty poor. The build quality is pretty lackluster compared to Vic and the tools aren't as well thought out IMO. I want to like Leatherman but their products just aren't all that spectacular.
  5. jackknife


    Oct 2, 2004
    I once tried Leatherman. I wanted to like it, really. Being American, I wanted to root for the home town made item, but it wasn't to be. When compared to the Swiss Victoriox, there was a certain crudeness and heaviness to it. The Leatherman had the pliers, but that was the only advantage. The SAK saw, can opener, and other tools functioned a bit better than the Leatherman tools. I can number the times I really needed pliers in my life on one hand with a few fingers left over. On the other hand, I need a screw driver on a regular basis, them being so handy for repairs on small items like lamps, electrical sockets, small Harry homeowner stuff.

    I'd rather have a small pair of Channel locks or small vise grips stashed around and a SAK in my pocket.
  6. znapschatz


    Jan 24, 2005
    I have samples of Vics and Leathermen, love both, but it is largely because of the screwdrivers I lean LT. Their's are squared, sharp and seem to be less of a compromise for common screw heads, that is, they fit more of them better, and the over-polished Vics tend to slip. In a side by side comparison with a Swisstool I did once, Leatherman consistently tightened down further with no slippage. Leatherman also has an accessory set of screwdriver heads that is more comprehensive and compact than Vics. SAKs are better finished, great for EDC, but in general, for actual work I find Leathermen to be better tools.
  7. pinnah


    Jul 28, 2011
    I agree with this.

    There are a handful of tools I want on my person, all the time: large blade, pen blade, scissors, small and large screw drivers, small phillips head driver, nail file and... cap lifter.

    There are a handful of tools I prefer to have nearby, within short walking distance: pliers, saw, metal file.

    Frequency of need and size of carry are related for me. For me, a multi-tool makes sense but only as a luggable, stashed nearby in my pack. The other time I appreciate an MT is when working on the property when machines are involved. I put one on my belt and it saves walks back to the barn to fetch tools as often. But this isn't my everyday life. In either event, the larger full size MT is my preference.

    For day to day use, I keep the Micra/Opinel but this is really just an SAK alternative. The toolset on many SAKs makes perfect sense to me for day to day pocket carry, even lacking the pliers. I don't understand the small MTs as pocket carry tools but I get that others may.

    The one place I see the need of a small MT is backpacking. I like to have pliers for driving needles through heavy fabric. I'm currently using a Squirt PS4 for that and could see moving up to a Juice sized tool, but frankly I'm not at all impressed with the Juice. It's too heavy for what it is and too frail, judging from the reports. IMO, Leatherman should produce a legacy style tool in the 3 3/4" size of the Juice - like a mine PST or large Micra. They should shoot for something that weighs less than 4 oz. I could see getting something like that.
    Last edited: Jun 29, 2014

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