My wife is getting use to my habits!!!

Jul 29, 2002
well from the beginning my wife assumed, when we first met, that since I was a Minister that I was not like most people who lived down south, hunting, outdoors, ect.
well she quickly found out early on that I do like hunting, I do collect knives, and I do enjoy making knives. Well after much taunting over the first few years of our relationship (mostly done in fun, while we were dating) It came to me that we've been married now for almost two years and she doesnt complain like she had at one time. That is of course till the other day when we went to church. A friend of mine in the congregation had been saving deer legs for me for use as knife handles. H came up to me after church and said "John come outside Ive got your deer legs for you". Well we walked outside and he dug in the snow right outside the doors and produced a bag with ten deer legs in it (no, I dont know what became of the missing two, two of the deer were missing a leg apiece?:confused: ). well I carried the bag to my car and my wife asked me "whats in the bag"? well she must of known it was some animal parts as my friend is known for his hunting abilities. I told her "David gave me ten deer legs", and she said "deer legs?" . I said "yes deer legs, the skin, the hoof, everything!". She said "what are you going to do with deer legs?" I told her "knife handles!"
She then looked up up and said "why me?" well I told her she could have done much worse!!! well she was ok after a while and joked about it so we have come a long way together considering she was anti-hunting, outdoors, ect. Not bad for someone who came from the country, and someone who grew up in the city, aside from the fact that we came from "different worlds" so to speak!!!

My deer legs are now residing in a freezer for a while until I preserve them :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. she learning to stay away when Im working on bone, or stag, the smell of them on the belt grinder is a little much for her :D :D !!!!!!! .....good thing Ive been doing this for almost 21 years now (since I was 13). Not going to stop anytime soon (lord willing), although I do not have as much time as I use to (of course His work is much more important than this) :) .
hahha, think MM hit that one right on the head. :)

So she got a younger sister? ;)