Mystery Al Mar

Dec 5, 2000
Hey everyone! Quick question for ya. Years ago, I bought a production Al Mar folder. I'm actually looking to sell it, but its been so long, I forget what it is (model name).

Here's a description (sorry - no digital camera/scanner to post a pic): All stainless steel. Handle has angles slots cut into it on both sides. Blade is approx. 3.5 inches, straight (no curved/recurved edge), and has a thumb stud. Looks like a brass liner lock. There's a little "flip over" lock on the bottom of the handle, to keep the blade from slipping out and pocking you.

Any ideas? I'd say the knife is at around 5 -8 years old (and still in pretty good condition to boot - I love stainless!)

Thanks for the help!!
Hey Chris. Good to see you here. Did you also post this in the Bernard Levine Knife Collecting and Identification forum? It is in the General Forum a few below the Discussion Forum. Good luck with it.

It is not the fall that kills you. It is the realization that "yes, you did something that stupid."
Hey, B! Is this my favorite studio-mate? If it is, remember that we're not allowed to talk until you finish working on the model!

And, no, I haven't posted there. But, I will now. Thaks for the advice, and I'll talk to ya soon!

It sounds like the Al Mar Quick Silver.

Model #2001 featured a straight-edge 3.375 inch blade.

Model #2002 featured a serrated 3.375 inch blade

Retail a few years ago was around $36 for either.


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N2S is correct,i've got 2, the early one has the brass liner lock the newer one has a stainless lock.Still pretty neat little knives.

Yeah See2, IT IS I, THE MODERATELY OK AND NOT SO POWERFUL AS VG. The model is mostly done. Your AM had the brass liner lock right? Look around on ebay to see what people are willing to pay. If you are looking for trades, you could post over in the exchange area and see what people offer up. Good luck.

It is not the fall that kills you. It is the realization that "yes, you did something that stupid."
Thanks for the help everyone! To eBay I go...

B - email me. We'll do lunch.

B - just scored an Emerson SOCFK! Do you know of these? Mucho cool knife. They were designed for the Specwar community, and Ernie did some production versions. Basically, they modified the handle from the Specwar, added the blade from a CQC7, and put a wave on it! Best of all worlds. Ernie gave an exclusive license to Extreme Outfitters ( to sell 'em. He did a limited run with green teflon on the blade. I've wanted one of these since I heard about 'em in the Emerson Forum. On a lark, I called the VA branch of Extreme. They not only had the SOCFK in stock, they JUST got a few with the green-t on the blade! The guy I talked to (Donald) said he'd hand pick the lowest serial number for me, and he even waived the $10 phone order charge! So, the total is about $160. Excellent price for a (kinda) rare knife!

Chris (happy camper)
You went from 6 to 28 posts in an afternoon and already bought a new $160 knife. The bug has bitten. Warn others that you may be contagious.

Why weren't you at the studio working today??? Laura and Dawn were there, and Mohamed for a while. See there during the week I guess. If you can get away from you PC long enough.

It is not the fall that kills you. It is the realization that "yes, you did something that stupid."
What can I say? I took a day off.
I actually won't be there much next week - working on models at work, where I have power tools. But, yes, I've got the bug, and I'm contagious - so watch out!