Mystery of Close Quarters Solutions

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Jul 17, 1999
This is a request for help or info.A cou;li of weeks age, I ordered a Livesay knife from CQS online, sending my credit card info. Some time later I realized that I had gotten no response from them. I have now left Emails, and left messages on their answering machine, all with no response.They have been there, as the message on their machine has changed.So......I don't know if I have a knife on order or not, or what has been done with my credit card info. I'm not implying at this point that there is any criminal activity afoot, but my cop's sense tells me that something is very wrong with them. Does anyone on this forum know anyone involved with CQS? At this point I don't care if I get the knife or not, and would just as soon cancel the entire transaction and be done with it once and for all.(As far as I can tell, my card hasn't been charged yet.)Any help will be appreciated.
You may want to try contacting WKC directly...they seem to be friendly with CQS people and Newt has spoken highly of the guy in charge over there. Mayb they know if some sort of corporate issues perhaps restructure or even a easy as a vacation.

Thanks for the tip. Have messaged Mr. Livesay and asked for his help. Does anyone else have any insight on this?

I have done business with CQS earlier this past spring. Everything worked very well. There was some confusion with my order and several phone calls were made to correct it. They took very good care of me.

I will note that I have never ordered anything by email. I always call on the phone to confirm that items are in stock, and to talk to someone directly. It just makes me feel more comfortable.

I am also aware that Newt Livesay is in frequent contact with CQS. My guess is that you are OK. As I recall they (CQS) ship via regular USPS They are all the way across the country from me so the post office had my stuff in route for some time.

If you want to contact Newt his email is

One order on my card from CQS online. I had no problem and delivery was prompt.

Hope this order turns out ok.
I hope everything works out. I'm moving this over to the "Good, Bad, Ugly" forum that was set up for this sort of thing.

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