Nail files for sharpening/polishing?

May 22, 2006
I was in a beauty supply store with my wife the other day and walked by their nail file section.

They had a series of different grit nail files starting at about 100 grit and going to 4000.

These are about 8" long and almost 1" wide and 1/8 inch thick and about $1.00 each. I bought a bunch of each and went home, pulled out my Kershaw EDC and started to work on an edge.

1/2 hour later I had a perfect "polished" edge on the knife with (no file marks) and an edge as sharp as I have ever put on a knife.

I did it by hand. Initially I was concerned about being able to hold the bevel angle but it was not a problem. These files have a slightly cushioned core and are quite forgiving. What was interesting, I could actually both feel and hear when I had the knife at the proper angle for sharpening.

For a novice such as myself, I would have no fear of doing this to any of my custom knives and will as time permits. It is easy to do.
There are two different brand names:

Tropical Shine:
black -course - (100 )
blue - medium (220 - 320)
pink - fine (400 - 600)

All Season Nails:
dark grey(600)/white(2000)/light grey(4000)

These things look like colored tongue depressors.

The All Season brand is one file with two grits on one side and the third on the other.

I used the black and blue Tropical Shines to take the original file marks off the edge and began to concentrate on polishing and sharpness with the pink.

The All Seasons polishing and sharpness.