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Name of Knife???

I am trying to gather information on a factory knife that is no longer made! I'ts a double edge, made by Pacific Cutlery?? It was very popular in the early 90's. Black plastic or macarta grip, integral bolsters. I remember it having a nice shape that seems to stick in my mind better that the name!!!
Sort of like when you meet an attractive girl for the first time.....
With all the knives you guys have, Ill bet there's a few Forum members that have one!!!
I just made a phone call and that's it!! Can you tell me more about it?? Who made it? Who designed it??
A good friend of mine had one and it was stolen along with most of his windsurfing gear! He and I and several friends were talking about the knife, everyone liked the design and how it handled. I was told that the company that made it was out of business and I thought it would be OK to copy one.
I am hoping to find a Forum member that has one and could make a close tracing of it. I am guessing that this wouldn't be too much of a ripoff, if I only make 3 of them!!!I'm thinking A2 and black G10,I don't know what the factory ones were made of.
It was a while ago these were made. I think David Steele had something to do with it or was his design.BenchMade bot Pacific Cutlery so you might try posting on BM's forum and maybe some one on the support staff has more info on the knife.That is if no one here offers any more insight.