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Name some tip-up linerlocks

May 5, 2000
I'd already have a Spydie Military if it were tip-up carry. Oh well. I really only want tip-up. Spydie has very few tip-up linerlock knives.
What's out there (other than a $300 Sebenza)? CRKT? Anybody?
Emerson's folders (all of them, I think?)
Timberline Valloton

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My belief here is that among the liner lock's many weaknesses, is the fact that there's no direct spring pressure on the blade. As a result, if the ball detent system isn't done just right, or if the knife is jarred slightly in the pocket, the knife will open up. Contrast this with, say, a lockback, or the axis lock, where slightly opening the blade will result in spring pressure forcing it closed again. There have been plenty of reports of people stinging their fingers from tip-up liner locks.

Note that when the ball detent is done just right, the ball actually acts like a little spring, and when the blade is opened slightly, it actually snaps closed again. There are some makers who care about the quality of the ball detent, and get it working right every time.

Anyway, if you go with a tip-up liner lock, be sure that the ball detent 1. holds the blade in tightly, and 2. will suck the blade back closed again if it's opened <.125".

Joe, I couldn't agree with you more. My big problem with linerlocks is the fact that, unlike lockbacks and Axis locks, the blade just doesn't get sucked back into the handle if it's knocked open. BTW, that's what separates the Axis from the Rolling Lock.
For that reason, I have no linerlock knives. My daily knife is a BM 710, which I think is just the pinnacle of knife engineering.
But...I really would like a linerlock in the collection for some reason. And unlike a lot of people, I happen to think that linerlocks are much safer when they're tip-up and carried in the right side of the front-right pocket. At least that way the side of your pocket holds the knife shut.
I had a CRKT Kasper that made me nuts because it was tip-down. And I'd probably have a Spydie Military if it were tip-up (I'd have a box full of them if they had an Axis lock).
So anyway, that's why I'm looking around. Anyone know if the CRKT M-16 (Carbon Fiber or regular) is tip-up?
Buck Odyssey.Nice price, well made, will not open in your pocket, very easy to open, and very comfortable to work with.
Interesting test. I just tried it on a few folders with ball detents that were in the desk drawer.
AFCK-yes (too bad it's tip-down)
mini AFCK-sorta kinda, not consistent
CRKT M16-no
small Sebenza-yes, with authority

Shmackey, I agree about tip-up being fine since the spine is against the pocket seam. The M16 is tip-down. Got one for a gift this past week, and actually like it (didn't think I would, and never seriously looked at any of their knives).
If you're looking for a tip up carry, I suggest taking a look at any of the waved Emersons. You'll fall in love.

That is an interesting test!
I tried it with what I've got laying around on my computer desk and on me.

AFCK, yes
CQC7B yes
Commander no

Just from curiousity, I tried it with my Spydi Mini Police. Of course, it's a lock back like the real Police, but I could pull the blade out to a 30 degree angle and it snapped back in with authority.

I'm not sure just exactly what the results of the test are worth though.
I suspect that the blade of the Commander is just too heavy for that little detent to pull it back in. I do know that it's very secure when in the closed position and loose enough that it opens fast with either wave or thumbstud.
The CQC7B snaps back best of all, but I haven't carried it enough to say for sure that it closes securely. (Although I have perfect faith in it, I just can't back it up with experience.)
Oddly, the AFCK snaps back very nicely but is NOT secure in the closed position and I'm sure that if it were carried tip up, it would open in my pocket.
Go figure?

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I'd have to respectfully disagree with Joe. I find tip down to be more dangerous because the blade is facing towards your hand every time you reach into your pocket. I have a couple of linerlocks that don't seat very tightly and am always afraid that I will cut myself. With tip up knives the blade is facing the back edge of my pocket and so could not cut me when I reach in.

SERE 2000. Try to find the new ones in BLACK.

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Most of the Benchmade Axis locks knives are tip up: 705,710,720,721,722,730,732,940,942 and any other variations or new knives.
Kutch133: Yeah, the Axis series are tip-up, and I think they're some of the best knives anywhere. I'm a convert.
But what about linerlock knives? I thought the AFCK was tip-up, but now I hear otherwise. And it's too bad about the M-16; that had potential.
I don't really want an Emerson; is has no pretense of innocence, if you know what I mean.
The Spydie Lum Tanto is tip-up. Maybe I'll get the G-10 version when it comes out. Any CRKT tip-ups?
Get a Spydie Wegner

The best knife in the Spyderco line (IMHO) and the fact that I have one up or sale has nothing to do with that statement

Very solid, nice thick blade, great lock up and incredibly comfortable handle. And, I hate tip up carry!

I've sold off LCC (manual's) and 710's cause I can't get used to tip up. But the Wegner is so sweet if it doesn't sell I'll take the clip off and carry it in a pouch.

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Ishay beet me by almost an hour.

Generally I like tip down for larger folders, but the Wegner is the exception. Good strong ball detent, very secure in the closed position. The Wegner is the top of the line, I can't think of anything better, and most are not nearly as good.

A linerlock doesn't have to be tip up to stab its owner.The tip up ones stab your hands while the tip down ones can also stab your leg.A co-worker just did this with his tip down linerlock while placing it in his pocket.Me I've been lucky with both types so far.