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name these knives

Nov 15, 2006
i just bid on this lot on an online auction site, for a great price btw. Anyway i dont recognize a few of the knives. Can you guys help me out with that? I know the gerber on the bottom and the tan CRKT. The others are a mystery to me. thanks

the one on top looks like an emerson hardwear endeavor.

the grey looks to have 'python' written on the blade, not aware of this model.

the blue looks like some bucks i have seen but cant be sure.
The second one is a Colt Python or Python II. Not sure who makes Colts knives though...
united? :jerkit:
oh well, for the price i'm paying the gerber and the CRKT alone are worth it.
Looks like the Python. My old room mate had a Colt Python II. I have no idea what the blade steel was, but the knife was well fitted with Carbon fiber inlays. Zero blade play, and a smooth action.

Id say the BLue one is either a Buck, similar to the Alpha, or maybe soemthing by Xikar?
i always thought thought they were on par with Frost. I looked up the emerson, and i dont think that the knife pictured is one. Either way i'll be happy :)
thanks for the quick responses
The top one is an emerson or a good looking knock off (considering the rest of the bunch probably came from Eknifeworks or bud K it could very well be a knock off)

#2 is the crkt

#3 colt python ( i have heard that these knives are not bad but not real high quality)

#4 Gerber sporster, one of gerbers taiwan models i believe. my freind has one it holds a nice edge.

#5 another gerber, these are okay, the clips and the blade finish dont seem to hold up to hard use but otherwise they seem pretty solid.
they came today and you guys were right. Good job and thank you.
I ended up paying about 10 bucks a knife including shipping :) Not bad, not bad

I really like the emerson, solid lock up and nice smooth opening, they got the thumb hole just right for me and i do love a good tanto. I like the little gold colored gerber too, but that ones a gift.

and the second gerber (the blue one) was made in Portland Or. aparently.

At ten bucks a piece i wont cry when i drop them in the lake at work, or bust them up one of a thousand other ways.
thanks again for the help guys