Naming and marking knife models?

David Mary

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Jul 23, 2015
I wonder if one side of the blade should continue to have my maker's mark and steel type, while the other side gets maybe the name of the model, like "EDChef", or "Barax" or "Prevail" or "Finesse Filet", etc?
I would be indifferent as long as it's the same size and font as the other side.
Well, as long as your models aren't named; Demon, Zombie Slayer, Warlock, God of War, Flesh Ripper or the like.šŸ¤£
Please tell me they're not.šŸ˜
I say just makers mark and steel type. Since you have input into the designs by the customer, and some are versions of a specific type (unless you both come up with a name and you make more of them so it is not a one off). You could do a sort of business card type thing. I have a few from different makers that have the makers info on one side - logo, email, website, phone number - and then the knife info on the other - steel type, RC, date, handle materials, name if it is their original design/take on a style, specialty things - jewels/inlays/engraving, other special materials - mosaic pins, timascus/zirconium/damasteel etc...
Also I have knives that only have the makers mark (which is fine) but I would prefer the steel type as well.
Also Also, I think some of the business card places still offer an initial lower cost (or free in some cases) bundle for first time customers, where you get a couple hundred cards or so of your design.
I agree: Maker's mark and steel are sufficient.
Unless you want to name this "Big Tiny" I'll be happy to have you put THAT name on it...šŸ˜


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I too think that your makers mark and steel type are sufficient. Perhaps a birth certificate included for those who are in to such things. Maybe it's because I don't have an extensive knife collection, but I tend to remember models and steel types without much help. Your work speaks for itself in my opinion, form follows function and all that.
yep. makers mark and steel type is all the knife needs. model names i don't care about..although if it was a simple number system like Buck uses, thatd be fine by me too.