Native & Pacific Salt - First Impressions

Nov 1, 2004
It occured to me that I haven't purchased a new Spyderco in a while, so I bought two today. I'm more than happy with both, and have submitted my thoughts for those who haven't handled these two knives. Those who have will confirm all that I'm saying :thumbup:

Native 41PBK I have no experience with Spyderco's version of CPM-S30V, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Yes, I know that CPM-S30V isn't exclusive to Spyderco :foot: The blade length and shape is very nice, and the choil hump really compliments my (more-than-avergae-sized) hands. I prefer the solid clip as opposed to the wire clip, but that's just me. The blade came very sharp, and I was quite surprised at how easily it became razor sharp on conventional sharpeners. No SharpMaker necessary. I'm really satisfied with this one, and it feels like it will perform better than my Native III (VG-10 steel) did. It's made in Golden, Colorado, USA, Earth.

Pacific Salt 91PBK No experience with Spyderco's H-1 either. I chose the black handle instead of the yellow, as this will serve as my rust-free Endura. The blade spine is nice and thick, while the edge is quite sharp. It was quickly sharpened to shave hair, and hopefully it will stay this way. It supposedly work-hardens. If you're familiar with the Endura, you'll be familiar with this one. Thumbs up. This one is made in Seki City, Japan. Also on Earth.

Both have hollow-grouhnd blades which I don't like, but they seem to be very good cutters. Neither has liners, but I don't think that will be a problem with Spyderco's FRN scales. Both are lockbacks with the David Boye indent.
I'll post a full review of both knives when I get the time, but for now I'll say that I'm very happy with my purchases.
Jun 23, 2006
I don't think you could go wrong with either of those. They're both great blades at a great price. :thumbup::thumbup: