Native vs. '98 Delica

Mar 9, 1999
Does anyone have both? The handle pattern on the Native doesn't really work. Luckily the shape of the handle does provide a good grip. What about the '98 Delica? Also, is the screw for the Delica's clip metal or plastic?
Anything you can say about either of them (especially if it involves both) would be appreciated.

i have a regular native and the BF version. i have held an delica on numerous occasions and i find the native fits my hand better. i appreciate that half handle/half blade choil, as i have somewhat large hands. the delica is a little short for me. i also like the blade shape on the native better. and last but not least, i like the looks of the native better. i got the BF version after i fell in love with the regular. the regular has been nearly retired since i got the BF version. now's the chance for all the delica fans to say otherwise
c'mon, i know you're out there
Although I am a Native lover, the Delica does have some advantages over the lightweight Native. The Delica is .5 oz. lighter, it is thinner, and it has a more durable steel (ATS-55 over GIN-1). The Native, however, is cheaper, fills a large hand better, probably has stronger blade due to thickness, and is American made (for all the jingoistic types).
Like Howie, the handle on the Native just doesn't work for my hands. The Delica's handle works great. Both are excellent knives overall, with good useful blade shapes. And regardless of whether you think one is slightly better looking than the other, you should probably get the one that fits your hand better.