Natural Tinder

Thanks nevermind 35 for the info. I didnt notice it was poison ivy at the time, and wont do it again. I like being outdoors too much to risk becoming allergic to the stuff.

Also, has anyone tried coconuts that live in the tropics/Florida? I know the outter husk has thin strands of natural fiber but not sure if it would take a spark.
Ya no problem it always makes me cringe now days when someone says they touched poison oak. haha thats pretty funny you used it for tinder though. So it actually lit up pretty good huh? It looked real green in your pictures did you pick it just then? Wow I guess the ooroosheal is flammable sort of like the citrus juice in an orange peel. If you've never tried it, next time you eat and orange take a piece of the peel and squeeze it in front of a lighter it shoots like a mini flamethrower!! Kinda cool... Anyways I just got back from a hike and here in the great Northwest I use the driest moss/funi I can find and then gather TINY fir tree twigs and it seems to work really well as long as I can find some nice dry moss. However if the natural tinder doesn't work I keep a few cotton balls saturated in potroleum jelly