neck knife blade and total length ideal?

Jan 21, 1999
I just got a Whitewolf/Brend neckknife (#9 of 20). Its a nice knife, with the classic Brend blade, although made narrower than usual. The blade is about 2 3/4", and the knife totals out at 7 1/2". This is my first neck knife, and I am planning on getting a few others. I was wondering what other people find is the best blade length, total length combo? Based on this knife, I think my next one will have a 3" blade, and 6 1/2" overall. But I have seen some much shorter, and some much longer.
What do you prefer, and why?

I have three neck knives, but the one I prefer is the Griffe by Fred Perrin which has a 2.5 inch blade and is 5.5 inches overall.

This is a very unobtrusive size for covert carry under a shirt, and is short and light enough to not be a "pain in the neck".


Live Free or Die

when i first started wearing neck knives, i preferred smaller, lighter knives, with a blade length of 3" or less, 7" overall length. now that i've gotten used to neck knife carry, i actually prefer a knife with a 3.5"+ blade. it makes me fell like i've actually got a knife, instead of a neck knife. in other words, a knife that just happens to be carried around my neck, not a neck knife. i am comfortable with larger, heavier blades, that can be carried other ways also. i like the slip sheath method especially.

Isn't that like asking what the best knife is?
The answer to both questions is: it depends a lot on what you're planning to do with the knife.

I recently got my first neck knife, and I'm still getting used to having something hanging around my neck. So for the moment, my vote is for small and light (I have a 5.75" long Wilkins Thorn knife w/ a 2.5" blade). I also don't have abundant opportunities to use it during a typical day, so the small size works great for me.

Regarding marco's comment, what is the "slip sheath method" of carry?