Neck P.E.C.K. warning!

Feb 16, 1999
I got home yesterday and there was a package waiting for me from Brian at Discount Knives. I was like a kid on Christmas morning! First thing I opened was the Spyderco necklace with the little Police. Man is that nice! I also had two neck P.E.C.K.s one plain and one combo. I ripped open the plastic bag, grabbed the sheath and pulled out the knife. Yeowww! My thumb was positioned right where the sheath has a cutout for the choil. I sliced the hell out of my thumb, blood everywhere, bandaids useless---that thing is sharp! At first I thought well this design really sucks, but after finding some gauze and about three yards of adhesive tape to stop the bleeding I took another look. The sheath has a small raised area with thumb notches on the side where the unsharpened side of the blade goes. If you push this with your thumb as you are drawing the blade you should have no problems. This is a neat little knife with a Wharncliff blade. It is very light and I think it is going to be an excellent little utility knife. It is very secure in the sheath but if you push with your thumb like i described above it comes out easily enough. I have medium sized hands and the handle is pushing the limit of what I am comfortable with, but for ladies and guys with smaller hands it should be just about perfect.

who dares, wins

Sorry Charlie!

You're not the first to get PECKed!

I don't know if we can search or not yet, but a search would
show you a lot of posts on those who go PECKed.
Yeah Bob, but that was with the folder. These FBs are pretty new and I don't think there are alot of them out there yet.


who dares, wins

Hey Charlie;
How small is it? It looks tiny in the pictures I've seen. Are you going to try to get it past security?
Larry, it is pretty small. Even so, I think it will probably set the detector off. I'll try my Spyderco necklace first. If that won't make the Peck won't stand a chance.

who dares, wins

You'll have to let us know how the "stiff" PECK works out.

Hope it doesn't get blood thirsty like the little folder version!
Well I tried to warn you all long ago...I got the stiff kiss when they first came out at a NKCA show...Didnt have it 15min before I yanked it out with my left hand, slicing my right index finger...Hospital visit and 5 stitches later all was ok with the world again. (I did stay to finish the show that day though)


I too bought a neck PECK and really like the knife. I also picked up a drop point stiff KISS. I didn't have a stitches or cuts. The size of the neck PECK is about that of an unfolded 3" inch pen knife. Seems like it will be handy. I did reprofile the edge of the stiff KISS I bought and put a razor sharp edge on it. After that I cut something like cardboard and noticed that the edge easily rolled. Be careful to not expect this knife to take a thin edge...I don't think the steel is very good and the heat treat is a low Rockwell.

I carry a folding PECK nearly everyday and have never had a problem with it opening in my pocket. Never cut myself with it, ever. I think the folding KISS and the PECK both have an undeserved bad reputation.

Just my .02
I believe it is called the Stiff KISS, and is appx. 6" overall.

I, too, hurt, not cut, myself with the Stiff KISS when I pulled it out of it's plastic sheath in the knife store. it was so hard to get out that the serrations on the spine of the blade bit into my thumb--OUCH!

The knife wouldn't be too bad if it had a better steel than the AUS-6A, if it had a Kydex sheath, and if it was conventionally ground.

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