Need a boot knife of sorts...

Dec 25, 2001
I need a "boot knife" of fixed blade configuration, single or double edged, blade length no more than 4". Sheath of good design to be carried horizontal or verticle plus inside boot (of course). Max price of $100.

I've looked at Cold Steel's offerings, Gerbers, and a few others. Would appreciate recommendations...

Thanks- steve
Cold Steel Safekeeper-old one in black box-440C
Kershaw Military Boot Knife
Any of Newt Livesays neck knives.-I know that he just finished a small run of them.
The Camillus CUDA CQB-2 is a nice little knife that is worth a look.
BM's Fecas Gamer is sweet.

Camillus makes boot knives that work well and cost around $30. The finish on them comes pretty rough, so be prepared to sharpen.
Al Mar SERE Operator, is awsome, but maybe a little too big, the sheath it comes with is totally cool, although I don't know how well it would work with a boot, maybe try TOPS knives, all they make is fixed blades, small and large, a lot of times they use paracord wrap for a handle which saves weight and space, but I don't know about their sheaths, I haven't seen them.
I'ld like to recomend the CS Desperado as it kicks ass... However the sheath sux big time. However it is cheap enough that you could get it AND a custom sheath! I dunno. I like the knife is all...
ya could always get the original bootknife the gerber mark 1 (well maybe not the 1st but they have been making it a while) or a gerber guardian, the cammilus CQB's are cool to, also cold steel makes several that are nice, just depends on what ya like.........
Stop looking and go to Fallknivens web site. They have a "boot" knife called the Garn1. Cool knife. :cool:
what kind of boot knife? single edge or double? length? tactical or traditional?
i second the camillus for monetary reasons, or the similar model made by remington. otherwise, i'd recommend a CaseXX boot knife. classy, traditional, well-made.
"The Spike" by Cold Steel is pretty neat. The blade is really thick and has a really sturdy point. Plus its slim and fits in the sheath firmly.
A big vote for the Guardian by Gerber. Its small, sharp, and the sheath is very accomadting. I am not sure it offers horizontal carry but vertical and inverted plus the tension on the sheath is adjustable. I carried one of these for qute awhile and liked it alot. The Falkniven G1 is a similiar knife, the blade steel is better but the sheath leaves much to be desired unless you wanna carry it as a neck knife, which it is a bit heavy for IMO. I think the Guardians are around fifty bucks, so put one in each boot;-)>

Personally, I like the Boker AF Boot knife. I had one for a while, before I raffled it off here on BF. Worth looking into, came pretty sharp, was about $80 I think and had a great Kydex sheath. I actually carried it in my hiking boots a few times when I had to walk to campus late at night.

lagarto said:
I actually carried it in my hiking boots a few times when I had to walk to campus late at night.

what school is in greenville? is that near asheville?