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Oct 11, 1998
I always disliked the Cordura sheaths you can find on many Seki City products. Almost all of you are familiar with those if you own a knife from Cold Steel, Katz or Fällkniven just to name some popular companies.

For my S1 Forester from Fällkniven I wanted a custom Kydex sheath. Thanks to the recommendation by GONESAILING I checked on the work of a forumite who posts under CHIRO75 (real name Steve). His website looked promising and I gave it a try

We discussed the design by email and I went with the pouch type sheath Steve has made for the Polkowsky Polecat.

The entire process from shipping my knife to him and receiving it with the new sheath took two weeks (and this was slow, because he had trouble with his car!). So when I got a parcel from him I was of course curious to see what I got into. That I was surprised is putting it mildly. This sheath is as perfect as you can expect it. I have never seen any professional piece which was better. On the contrary. I believe Steve's sheath has an edge
over the one I got last week with my Nimravus cub.

The Kydex (the thick 100'er type) is perfectly fitted to the knife and expertly molded on both sides. Four big flat screws hold it together and two of them are used to attach the clip. The clip itself is very wide but flat and will fit easily on a webbing belt. The bottom is open and bend inwards. This way you can slip the clip easily over a belt but it won't come off by accident. There are two extra holes in the clip and it is possible to reverse it for carrying the knife vertical. You can also put the clip on the outer side and convert the sheath to an IWB carry option. A very flexible setup.

No need to say that the fit and finish of the Kydex are flawless and all edges are neatly rounded or smoothened.

The concern I had first was that the handle of the Forester is kind of Kraton. Fortunately a very firm version. I have removed and put the knife back several times and noticed no major wear from the sheath on the handle. It should hold up for a long time.

The only problem I had in the beginning was with the top screw. When it was tightened, I couldn't remove the knife anymore. So I just took it out. The remaining three screws and the tension of the Kydex are still sufficient to hold a knife with a short blade like this.

In short, Steve did an excellent job and this one was not the last sheath I ordered from him.

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Sounds like you are as pleased as I am. Steve does good work, and makes a functional design. Glad you like it. I am considering a kydex sheath by Steve for my sebenza.

What? Another knife? Don't you have enough of those things already?
How many does one person need?
And just what are you going to do with this one that you can't do with the others?
What is the purpose of all these knives anyhow??


I once heard that Steve won't do inverted carry sheaths. Is this true? I'd love to find someone who'd put together a couple of inverted carry sheaths for me, maybe Steve's changed his mind . . .

Thanks for the praise, guys! To clear up things with Ralf's post, the Kydex I use is usually 0.093" (3/32") thickness which is about the thickest material you'll see used for most knives. I now have 0.060", too for smaller knives and other projects. Also, I was recommended by another customer to make an instruction sheet that goes along with my sheaths, and in my hurry to get these last ones mailed I forgot to put any instructions at all in with them! Oops! The way I designed Ralf's, which looked like it sees regular outdoor use to me, was to have the uppermost screw act as a lock of sorts for inverted carry, hiking, etc when his mind shouldn't be on whether his knife was still with him or three miles back on the trail!
He had the right idea by removing it altogether, which gives that sheath perfect retention for use.
Zog, I originally intended my statement about inverted sheaths and concealed carry to be a deterrent against getting into complicated projects. Since then I've figured out IWB carry and some other stuff. I still don't have the capacity to design shoulder harness and back carry rigs, but I can make the sheath for you to design around it. I still can't drill slots, either, but most people know a machines shop or two in the area that could do it. Thanks!

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I also tried getting a custom Kydex sheath made for my Falkinven A1 but shipping it internationally back and forth didn't seem like a wise idea. Does anyone of you have a custom sheath made for A1 before?