Need a top-quality machette!

Larry in KY

Feb 8, 1999
I am looking for a top-quality machette w/sheath. If it is used in excellent condition it will be fine. Thanks!
Get an Ontario G.I. machete with the hard plastic sheath G.I. sheath. You should be able to get both new for around $30 and the quality is hard to beat. Most Army surplus stores should carry it or order it from Brigade Quartermasters.
Bingo! You can get them from just about anywhere. Check around, a few of the dealers online here should have them.


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Yup you hit the nail on the head. Ontarios are hard to beat. You may wanna look into their Blackie Collins line with the D guard too. I`ve had a GI Ontario since I was a kid and it`s still going strong,and I use it all the time. Marcus
try this:

Newt Livesay

Check out the future possible Spyderco Worker 2000

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How about Bartrueax (sp?)? I saw them at the SHOT SHOW and they appeared to be priced good for the quality delivered. The one drawback as I saw it for them was market penetration, where do you find one locally?

I've got a Barteaux tanto point that I ordered from a forestry supply catalog several years ago. I'm not real impressed and it was pricier than the Ontario. The Ontario is the way to go!


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You might want to try P.J Tomes 904-282-7095 for a custom or Miami Machete 888-810-5260 for a semi-factory machete.
Steven Dick
I bought a 22" Orange handled Barteaux at Home Depot last year. They were still in stock last week.

I very unimpressed. The plastic D ring handle just doesn't fit my hand and the blade is too thick and heavy.

Most of my chopping is on 1-2 palm tree branches. I need a better slicer. Probably something with a lighter thinner blade and an open handle.

Dan Harris
Thanks guys for all the information, I really do appreciate it!! Still trying to decide what to get...will let you all know when I do. Larry
Larry - Bob Terzuola has a very nice design which he refined the hard way in Guatamala. I believe it was very close to being ready during the SHOT Show.
You gotta check out Newts machetes. Higher priced, but built to last. Also, the Becker Machax. I've seen used ones for cheap.
whenever I go camping I take my Cold Steel LTC Kukri, a factory 2nd I ordered for about $40. It is smaller than most machetes, very light wieght, good solid cordura (?) sheath . . . and it cuts like a raging mofo!! Branches come off effortlessly, and it can chop up firewood like an axe. Factory 2nds have cosmetic blemishes only, and who cares about that if it's a working knife?
I haven't tried the Ontarios so I can't speak to them - although everyone here certainly has a high opinion of them, and really, where are you going to get more acurate info than here? - but the CS light kukri 2nd is another posibility to consider.
I've got the Newt Livesay Model 121, 'RECON COMBAT MACHETTE' (I presume so you'll be able to pretend you're going out on a stealthy patrol, presuming you haven't tried that before and spent years trying to forget it). But this is a serious hunk of hacker. I haven't tried it out on car doors or refrigerators (as in Cold Steel), but it would probably work pretty well. See it at It's not cheap, but it's a quality piece of heavy brute-force metal.