Need advice for purchase of an outdoor defensive/utility belt knife

Sep 5, 2000
Okay, guys, here's your chance to give me your two cents.... I am fairly new to knife collecting and am interested in purchasing a mid-size knife for tactical, outdoors wear while hiking, camping, etc. Custom or production doesn't matter to me, price is not an issue. I want the best. On the production side, I've been considering the Mad Dog ATAK and ATAK 2 either full or Pygmy, Busse #5, that kind of knife. I'd appreciate your opinions on what you'd recommend. All are gratefully heard!

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What steve90210 said. (sorry steve but I can't remember all those numbers).


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Take a look at the Cold Steel SRK, or the previously mentioned Fallkniven A1.

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My vote goes to Bob Dozier as well. While most all of his blades are geared towards hard use, his Bowie, Ranger, Ranger Lite, and 2 recently introduced Loveless style fighters are fit for the tactical category. All housed in top quality kydex sheaths. Custom quality at a working mans price, to quote AG Russell. Good luck.

Can't go wrong with a Dozier or Fallkniven.The Busse Combat Basic deserves a good look too! Plenty of great blades available in your category.

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Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with Fallkniven. Where would I find it? Web addresses? Thanks again for your replies.

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I'd look seriously at the BK&T Campanion. It is a great knife at a great price

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For custom guys you can check out:

Allen Blade
Greg Lightfoot
T. H. Rinaldi.

Rinaldi makes a neat blade called a tempest, comes with a consealex sheath in various patterns (I think) and a tek-lock. I think his web site is:


Customs are nice but there are many nice production pieces too. You should start to think about how you'll carry it and such too. Mayve the CQB knives will work for you? I dunno. One nice thing about getting a lesser priced production knife is you can get an extra after-market sheath made so that you can have a regular belt carry for camping and maybe a small of the back carry or inside waist band carry for defensive purposes. Allen blade does nice sheath work (personal experience) and Normark seems to do one heck of a job too!

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Well, if price is not an issue...

Here are some knives to consider:

<A HREF="" TARGET=_blank>

Just click on the thumbnail to see the larger image of:

A 5" drop point hunter made of 3/16" Talonite (r), full exposed tang, linen Micarta scales. The ideal 'desert island' knife, as it will absolutely, positively not corrode, and Talonite (r) will hold an edge a VERY long time.

Next, the ATAK2; full size Advanced Tactical Assault Knife with serrations. 7" blade, and like the rest of these Mad Dogs, composite handle, 1/4" thick 01 Starret steel, hard chrome finish. Even Mike Turber couldn't break one of these!

Next, the Mako; a drop point hunter with a 6" blade.

The K2K knife is below the Mako; this is also a 6" blade, but with the profile of the ATAK series.

Below the Mako, the pATAK2 and pATAK, or the pATAK with and without serrations. These are 5" blades, and very handy. I find it difficult, even with a high ride scabbard, to wear a knife longer than a pATAK, as the tip tends to dig into the seat. The pATAK2 is my daily carry. The serrations make it possible to go through light sheet metal or seat belt fabric, and it is sturdy enough to be able to pry a jammed auto door with.

At right is a Rob Simonich Talonite Cetan; this small knife is perfect for a back up knife, and can actually handle most of your daily cutting chores. Remember that the best knife in the world will not do you any good if you left it behind you as it was too bulky, uncomfortable, heavy, etc.

Hope this helps, Walt
Oh, BTW, Kevin 'Mad Dog' McClung grinds each of his knives completely by himself, without using CNC, and heat treats them in house. They are custom, not production knives.

So many choices and opinions,you'd be happy with any of the knives mentioned so far.MY recommendation though is to check out the large selection of different model Randalls.They are Handmade by Randall crafstman whom are very serious about quality.The line is so big that you can choose from hunters,skinners to survival knives.There are so many different models and configurations that you can basically have all the opitions you would have in a custom knife.Price is also very reasonable for the quality of a knife they produce.What can be better than a Randall that has stood the test of time used by many hunters,adventurers and Military personnel across the globe.Don't want to wait for the knife?No problem,there are numerous Randall knife dealers across the country with More Randalls in stock in so many different configurations that your bound to find the knife for you.Thats my two cents,Ralph
I am cheap, so I would consider the Beckers first, the look at Allen Blade as a custom maker.

Bill Siegle does nice work. I was so impressed with his work, I bartered a website for some of his knives. And.... You may be hearing about him from a magazine soon....... I have a link to his site in my signature.

Busse has INFI, which I believe to be a performer.

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I recently went through the same process myself...........I ended up going with the busse basic 7........good all around was either that or the ATAK 2..............found a great deal on the busse (thank you bladeforums !)...........awaiting it's arival now.

(if I had the cash I'd go get the ATAK)


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Infi steel would be my first choice from what others say. An ATAK or SAS blade would be very nice. Walt is spot on with his recommondation. I will own a Mad dog knife at some point!

But the real star here? A KA Bar knife in D2 steel. Great steel, great shape, great sheath and fantastic price. A classic in a fantastic steel! Get that knife! Right now!


Now if they will only make a plain model...

(Thats why I need a BM E)

Think about it...

1. BM E
2. D2 Ka Bar
3. M2 Benchmade folder.

Covers the lot ( add a Leatherman and you are away!)


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