need advice on a new belt grinder

Jun 15, 2004
I have been useing a 1 H.P.grizzly ind. belt grinder for some time now and would like to upgrade to a quality knife grinder.I would apeciate any input as to the brand i should go with, Options avalible for said machines,How much horse power do i need ?Do i need variable speeds ? Thanks. :confused:
You now know what grinder to buy. Get 2 hp variable speed, flat platen, rotary platen, 10" or larger smooth wheel, 3/4" wheel and tool rests all around. :D
what larson said.......when I can I will get a 2 hp upgrade for mine. But I want to try that rotory platen out! Get the small wheel attachment and an extra arm. You wont be sorry!!
I have a BIII. Had I known better when I bought it, I'd have bought the KMG and saved a few hundred dollars. But there is nothing wrong with it, it runs like a sewing machine and works like a tank.
If i go with the KMG,were do i find a 2 h.p. motor with a variable speed control for less than buying a machine allready set up?
2 hp. variable speed. I use a bader and am to get a KMG next time I'm having a lapse of judgement in my spending habits... :)

As for a motor... Ebay! controller as well.... also I think reversable a great option from time to time especially for establishing a slightly convex edge on a finished blade. Use an old worn out 600 grit.
KMG :D I have the basic set-up with 1 1/2 hp step pulley system. Best investment I've made yet. The accessories are vast.