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Need advice on blade coatings

Eric H

Gold Member
Jul 15, 1999
Hey everyone--this is my first post!

Anyway--I just wanted to know about a couple of different coatings on a couple of neck knives I've recently purchased. First, what kind of treatment should I use for these knives--the Stiff K.I.S.S., and the Emerson La Griffe? (Love 'em both, but was worried about rust on those HOT days!)

Second, what can you guys tell me about the "black oxide" coating on the La Griffe? How does it stand up? Thanks for advice!
Not sure about the coating on the LeGriffe's but Benchmades black coating scratches easily but protects from rust very well.On non coated blades I've been using a metal cleaning cloth similiar to TuffCloth that works pretty good but needs to be applied daily or so if the knife is used alot.
scott w