Need Advice On Knife

Apr 10, 2000
I have for a long time been eyeing up, so to speak, the knives produced by MOD. I seem to be drawn to the Dieter version. It would be black, and partially serrated, manual action.

I own 4 Microtech knives, and I know they are great. Right now, and it has been this way for some time, me daily carry is the MT L
CC Black Ceramic Partially Serrated. It's in my pocket right now, and never leaves, unless there is something to bo opened or cut.

But, the MOD knives kinda intrigue me. What one of the MOD line would compare to a MT SOCOM Elite? Size wise and quality, sharpness, edge retention, etc...

Hope to hear some good things, "Before I spends my moneies"


My MOD Trident and my Mini SOCOM are the same length for handle and blade (or at least very close) The Trident is much heavier and bulkier the the M-SOCOM. The Dieter has a huge handle when compared to either of these knives. The blade is not much bigger, but the handle adds a whole lot. Expect a relly bulky heavy knife. Very strong and functional. production methods similar to SOCOM.
bfm, one thing I really like about my SOCOM Elite is that it is so light for a big, strong knife with a lot of blade. I like the looks of the Trident myself, but if it's going to weigh my pants down, I may have to forget it. I mean, it's not like it's the only knife I'd be carrying ... !

Is it really a lump?
Trident isn't too bad. More than Microtec though. But the CQD has a much larger handle. Blade to handle ratio is ruined by the cutter in the but of the handle.
Lundo. You probably know this, but in case not, there's a new, smaller edition of the Dieter. Probably much more similar in size to SOCOM than the original Dieter.

By the by, where'd you get a ceramic MT? Have never before heard of serrated ceramic blades. Or is that just how it looks after a spell of rough usage?

The blade is not made of ceramic. It is coated with a black ceramic material. MT seemingly will be using this new method exclusively for their black blades.

I got this from a pretty reliable source.