Need advice on purchasing first knife

Hi all; I'm a recent convert from Knifeforums and also a newbie on the knife scene. I've been investigating many different knives to purchase and, based on price, what i've heard on forums, etc, I've narrowed down my choices to the following (in no particular order):
1) Spyderco Military
2) Microtech mini-SOCOM
3) Emerson CQC and Raven'
4) Benchmade AFCK, Stryker, Sentinel, Pinnacle and Axis
5) EDI Genesis
6) Gerber Covert

I know this is not a short list but it's what I've decided to work with. The main purpose for the knive will be self-defense/backup and secondarily for work/play. I would greatly appreciate any comments/suggestions you can give. Thanks.

Since you said the main purpose is defense, and all you listed were folders, go with the Axis Lock. Its the folder least likely to fold on ya in your time of need. Can you not carry a fixed blade?? That would be the best for defense. I can't in my state, so I understand the need to carry folders for defense.

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Those are all great choices. It basically comes down to personal preferance. Go and handle as many (hopefully all) of these as you can. Then buy the one that gives you the worst case of "gotta-have-its."



Of the linerlocks, the Genesis is a DAMN fine blade. The BM Axis is great except Benchmade's quality control of late has been a mini-disaster.

Two MORE you should consider: the REKAT Pocket Hobbit is the most overtly aggressive looking of all the legally sub-4" class folders. It's a potent little fighter and has a lock that rivals or exceeds the Axis. Come to think, isn't Spyderco licensing the REKAT Rolling lock on something-or-other? If so, check that out.

IF you're not facing a 4" limit on length (such as Calif. with no limit on concealed megafolders) then...well, everybody else here knows what I'm gonna say: Cold Steel Vaquero Grande. Early clipless models can be had for less than $40 (Smoky Mountain Knifeworks, among others). The new model with a steel clip has been introduced, other than that and some decor on the blade spine it's identical making the early model a GREAT buy.

Jim March
How about the Gerber Applegate folder?
You just have to bear in mind it's a automatic,so watch the state laws to see if it's legal to carry?
I don't know any of the others mentioned I'm afraid,but I like the idea of a defense/fighting knife is a stiletto or double-edged knife if You like.
I did some looking around,I couldn't find Emerson and EDI;but amongst the others I'd go for Gerber Covert,it's the one most to my liking.
I did some more looking around and found EDI and Emerson too,but I haven't changed my choice one bit though.

My regards Flemming Jensen

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