Need custom sheath for Busse Pork Shank - Is Chuddybear MIA?

Oct 20, 2016
Hi guys. The title says it all really. I need a sheath made for a Busse Pork Shank--preferably a black leather dangler--but I've had no contact back from Chuddybear Leather.

Because I live in Australia I really don't want to have to post it all the way to the USA and back, and so I wanted a maker who definitely already has a Pork Shank on hand, and Chuddy seems like the only guy. But like I said, there's just silence there.

Is he still doing work? Or do you know of any other makers who can definitely make this pattern?

Cheers all.
I just had a quick look around the usual suspects, no one advertises that they have a pork shank. You might have to send it to the US, or google around for an Aussie maker.
You might also check with "Elof-Alve" he is an Aussie Leather stitcher active here on the forums with Busse & Kin.
Thanks SP!

Here's my list, last count I was over 180 Busse on hand:

Barrettboy, I just replied to your email.

I am shipping a lot of work to Australia to Busse and Zu Bladeworx customers I'm working on getting a shipping handler in AUS so I can send everything to them then they will relay it domestically and hope to have that running later this year.
elof_alv elof_alv does nice work here, I can't speak for him just now, but he may not be in a position to commit to any work at the moment though. He will magically appear in a moment ;)
Sorry to hijack this thread, but I also live in Australia. Elof_alv do you have a website? I've got plenty of Busse knives that need sheaths!
Cant go wrong with any of the craftsmen mentioned! We have some of the best leather benders in the world lurking here. :D Its a good time to be a Busse and leather fan.