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Need expert advice on folders

Jun 29, 1999
Need expert advice on folders

How important is it that a folder open smoother and easier and how many people can really tell?

We have a metal alloy we call Lubricium that is a cold reduced version of our Impervium. Both are truly a non-galling stainless steel. As far as magnetism and corrosion resistance, the US Navy uses it on minesweepers. (You take an alloy the US Navy uses in minesweepers and hammer it for a couple days.)

Rick Hinderer of Lorick Precision Products in Ohio (Rhind64@AOL.com) has been working with it for about a year and he is getting great results.

This alloy works extremely well in industry and the military. It also makes a big difference to some people when used in folders as a pivot point. However this alloy really is expensive.

We would like to give away samples to knifemakers and or knife users and see what they think. It is new, in very limited supply and we are just figuring it out for knives.

We aren't sure just how to test this and we would appreicate any information anyone cares to offer.

(When we did this with Talonite we got tremendous help from some truly excellent knife makers and users. We don't feel right asking for more help after all you have already done for us but if you wanted to volunteer it would be great.)

I volunteer to objectively quantify the the smoothness of opening of a folder made with said substance.
I would post this in the custom knife maker forum to get to the people that make knives, too.
I'm no expert, but I would say that anyone who is passably familiar with knives can tell the difference in opening actions. (cf. many posts in REKAT forum about earlier "gritty" mechanisms, and much improved current ones). To me, at least, a smooth action is one of the hallmarks of a well-made knife. It reduces wear on one's thumb, and inspires confidence in the overall quality of the knife. Just my thoughts on the subject.
i as well would love the chance to try this new material in a knife. i am in no way an expert but can give an honest and well thought out evaluation from the novice knife collector standpoint.

I have a few folder designs that are being done now and I would love to have this as a handle material. What is the thickness of this material??? Size?? I carry folders everyday but not a heavy duty user. I can give you feedback on everyday use.


Follow The Path of Fantasies.
I'll take one!
Would you like me to use it or abuse it?
Seriously, if you're interested drop me an e-mail.
Do NOT sell this invention to my friend Classified00 !!! He shaves himself too much with his knives as it is, and giving him greater access to hair removal would be a tragedy! Due to this dramatic disfiguring of his epidermis, he must wear Sun Block #93 just to withstand the light bulb in his refrigerator! To him the epithet, "show a little hair" is considered an insult to the quality of his edges!--OKG
Hi Tom, I'd be interested. I wonder if it would be used like a bushing in the blade itself and then be fashioned into a pivot. Seems like it would be more practical that way.

Impervium?? Lubricium?? Actually, I believe both alloys to be the same as the legendary Unobtanium.

Jeez, Tom, you obviously have too much time on your hands.

I can tell the difference between the smoothness of different folders. Genesis vs CS Gunsite vs MT LCC..all are smooth, but there are different levels of smooth, with the LCC being incredible smooth, almost liquid and soft are the best ways to describe it. The genesis was smooth, but hard to start opening, as was the gunsite, which was a little stiffer due to a stiff backspring. The LCC was smooth the whole way through. If you need someone to test the smoothness, let me know!
I am no knife "expert" but I am an extremely "picky" person and can find fault with the quality of almost anything. However I am the first to recognize quality when I see it.

I would volunteer and follow your directions to exactly what you ask.

Let me know if I can help. Sincerely, Dave
I would be glad to try it!! Would you use if for pivot pins or bushings??
The availability of 1/8" Talonite is KILLING ME $$$$$$$
2+ months is NOT good!!!

How 'bout puttin' on a second shift there at Carbide Processors and crankin' out some Talonite!!! I'm familiar with vaccumm melters, hot rolling and 5-9's pure materials!! But the commute would kill me