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Feb 18, 1999
I'm looking for a "military type" fixed blade that can take a reasonable amount of abuse (edge retention,corrosion resistance, tip strength etc)with a decent sheath (pref kydex, not leather)Unfortunately at the present time I can't afford anything in the Mad Dog or Mission price range. I suppose I'm looking for what would be below a Mad Mog but above a SOG seal - around the $150 to $200 range. With my limited knowledge of what's out there all I can seem to come up with is high end stuff like Mad Dog or lower end production stuff like SOG, Ka Bar etc. Your advice/suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
Just so you know, Mission has come out with a line of steel knives, which retail around the $200 range. Check with Sid Post, I think he carries them. I like the Mission MPK in steel, it's very comfortable in the hand, and well balanced.


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You should look at the Ka-Bar next generation fighting knives. From all reports they are excellent knives for the money with good steel and nice kydex sheaths for right around $100. Go to the Knife Center and take a look at them. out there? I know you have one (I'm buying your other
) can you comment on this knife for Lee?



Have you seen the Mission A-2 MPK? It sounds like this is the knife you are looking for.

I have had very good success with A-2 edge retention and strength with my past military customers. Heat treated properly this steel works well (as witnessed by Busse, Chris Reeves and, others who have used it successfully for a long time).

Corrosion resistance - with the "Steelcoat" you have one of the best blade coatings around. The Titanium coating applied to the blade has held up well so far in my limited use. As you can probably verify elsewhere in these forums in other threads, this stuff works very well.

Sheaths, they use some of the best Kydex makers around.

Mad Dog/Mission price range? While most Mad Dogs and Ti Mission knives are in the $300+ range, the Mission A-2 MPK's are well under that. Retail prices start tad over $200 and go up a little depending on exactly what you want in the knife.

From what I have read in your post, it sounds like Mission made the A-2 MPK for you! I have had more then one conversation with Mission, and people looking for a knife as you described it, is why Mission made the A-2 MPKs. You also, might want to check out the reviews section, there is a pretty good thread going now about the 10" A-2 MPK. You will also find many other good reviews if you go back a few weeks and go through all the different reviews selectively.

If you really need to keep the price down, I also sell the Tactical OPS line of knives. These have gotten very good responses as well. In the blade lengths and shapes you are apt to be interested in, you will find a good 1095 steel blade with a hard edge and soft spine, linen Micarta scales, black powder coat blade protection and, a Kydex sheath. These folks are a great bunch to deal with as well and, they have been very receptive to making changes to their knives if you needed something tweaked to meet your needs. I have received everything from little 3 inch neck knives to big 15" (cutting edge - 20" overall) knives from them.

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p.s. Tactical OPS can be found at .

MPK's at .

I would be glad to give you phone call, just email your phone number or call me.
Sid, I've checked out the T O P S site and I like what I see! I think I have found what I'm looking for! Do you have a site where I can get a price list and order info from you?
I appreciate the help!
Mr. Post, you're telling me my Steel Eagle 111 is differentially treated because thats great if it is.

thanks and take care
Try a Benchmade Nimravus with M2 high speed tool steel. It comes in an attractive and functional Kydex sheath and goes for just under $150.
If I were you, I would definately take the time to call a few custom makers like Trace Rinaldi, Mark Boyer, Alan Blades, Entrek, Rob Criswell, Rob Simonich, and on and on. There are makers out there who will make a damn fine knife for you with a sound basic carry system for under $200 out of excellent steel and optimum heat treatment, that will definately outperform almost any production knife in the same price range made out of plastic stainless steel.

Check out Mel Sorg - Madpoet custom knives - he makes a very affordable, excelelnt product.

The because the Steel Eagle saw back is at full hardness, the "middle" of the blade is not as soft as a knife softened from the spine down. The RC value in the Steel Eagle is only lowered 2 points (RC) in the middle from the full hardness of the cutting edge and saw back. Hope this helps!

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I have a Michael Irie MFK coming in June.Price is $225 I have a sport 200 and it is a great little knife. Mike is a nice guy I don't think you will be disapointed in one of his knives.If you wait 2 weeks I'll let you know what I think of the MFK.
Thanks Mr. Post. I was wondering how the saw teeth could be of a much lower RC hardness. Now, I know.

thanks again and take care