Need grinding help

Nov 2, 2006
I am begining to hollow grind my first blade and while I save up for a belt grinder I am using a bench grinder. Overall I doing okay at getting the right grind but I have left a couple areas that have discolored. Slightly brownish cast to the metal. I am grinding ATS 34 and wonder if the steel will be okay when I send it out for heat treating. I am cooling the blade and grinding slowly but near the edge is where the discoloring is occurring.
You'll be fine! That's just some "tempering" that's going on while the metal is being heated up by the grinding process.
Yep, Gatorbait's right. Before heat treat, it's not especially important to go coolly or slowly. You're getting your steel hot, it's true, but not nearly as hot as the heat treater will. So don't worry too much about it.

AFTER heat-treat is a different story. Then, if you're getting color changes, it's going to influence the final product. So that's when you want to be most careful about keeping cool and going slow.

Do not grind too much off one side before switching to the other side, try to keep things as even as possible.
Also dunk the blade in water often to remove some of the heat. Good luck.

Thanks for all the advice. I can't wait to get a new belt grinder. It sure is going slow using a bench grinder.