Need help? Consumer Action Website.

May 18, 1999
There was an article in our daily newspaper today that may be of interest to everyone here on BFC.
It had to deal with the Consumer Action Line that's in a lot of daily newspapers.
Here's what it says on the website....

Just off the press! Sign up today to receive the first available copies of the 2006 Consumer Action Handbook. This everyday guide to being a smart shopper is chocked full of helpful tips about buying a car or home, preventing identity theft, understanding credit, resolving problems after a purchase, and much more. In the 2006 edition, you’ll find new information about Medicare prescription drug plans, free credit reports, and digital TV. And as always, there’s an updated list of addresses, phone numbers, and websites for corporate consumer affairs offices, BBBs, state and local government listings, national consumer organizations, Federal agencies, and others who can help.

The website where you can order your free 2006 Handbook is here.....

Evidently from what it says in our paper the handbook is updated and printed four times a year so you might want to save the website to your favorite's file so you can stay up with things during the year.
It could be very helpful for youngens who are maybe buying their first car or house or other large purchase.
There is also a pdf of the entire 166 page Consumer Action Handbook, including the consumer topics, the directory listings, the sample complaint letter, and the index.

Another portion of the pdf is about the military and may also be helpful to those who want to help our troops out...:thumbup:
Military: This .pdf includes contact information for all of the Military Exchanges and Military Family Centers listed in the Handbook.