NEED HELP: do you know what this is???

Jan 27, 2001
This is an old knife that I have recently found. I am not a knife collector so I have little knowledge. It has ivory handles as well as ivory scabbard. Silver fittings. The blade is marked "Blikstad Throndhiem" There are prrof marks of some kind on the scabbard... 13 1/2 a 'star' like sign and the letters BSD??? The end of the grip has a neat carving of a boy in between a lion and an eagle. Sadly the little guys head is broken off. Any info would be great thanks.
If you haven't already done so, try posting this over at Bernard Levine's Knife Collecting and Identification Forum.

He should be able to help you out.

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Since I am from Norway I know that Throndheim is the name of a city in the middle of Norway. Today we spell the name Trondheim, still I think it is the same name. The handle- and sheatmaterial looks like Ivory. This is a wild guess but I know the hunters in the Barent's region used the ivory from the teeth of their prey to make knifehandles and other things. This knife has the tradisional Norvegian design so I don't think that I am far from the throught. I hope you could use this information.

Snowman NORWAY

my first thought was also Norway or Sweden, (Im never sure between this two) but i think Snowman knows the difference!
Looks like an handmade, maybe by the hunter himself?

Maybe you`ll get more info by posting in:
(just because it seems to be european)
there is a english-language forum also.

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There is a big difference between Norway and Sweden. Norway is the country that has the roughest nature, the sweetest women and the coldest beer!! HA HA
Great find Hip!! Is that a monkey or a lion with an arm??? I sure would do some serious research on this knife before I considered selling it.

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the arm is part of the middle character. It looks to be a well dressed boy with his arms around the lion and the eagle. Alas, the boy's head is broken off. It is a very nicely made knife. The quality looks way too good to be made by anyone but a real knife maker of that era. Man I wish this thing could talk.