Need help this Randall

Oct 17, 2004
My father passed away in August and he had a very large collection of knives, here is a description of one of the Randalls it looks like a combat knife with a 7" blade, single brass guard, finger grooved black micarta handle, it has arrows going down and Randall made and Orlando,Fl and a S on the outside arrow, the sheath on the back has a 16W randall made knives and orlando Fl. does not have the pocket for the stone. It is in very nice condition, can anyone guess what it is, how old and approx. value. It say's I cannot post attachments or I would scan it. It looks like a model 16-7 special fighter but only has the brass guard coming down on the sharp edge also from the picture I saw from thier website the blade looks like a drop point. anyway all help appreciated. Allan