Need Help Identifying knife. LARK?


Dec 21, 2005
My mother gave me a little pocket knife from ireland. The only markings I can find read, "Stainless Steel" and "LARK". I'm wondering if LARK is the name of the guy who made it?? It seems to be an OK little PK, but not the highest quality, but any info on it would be appreciated. Also, I just picked up a case/ruger medium stockman in burnt honey bone(got it really cheap...)it was sealed in a red tin, and it says 1403 of 2000 on the blade. Well, the sheepsfoot blade has a little of bit of play when I wiggle it horizontally. Should I concern myself with something this trivial? The rest of the blades are nice and tight. Is there any way I can tighten the blade myself? Also, I just ordered a K J Eriksson #40 Mora from ragnar...anyone put these through the ringer? Theres a Helle "Touring" that I really wanted, but don't have the cash for right now. Maybe I should have waited. -Andrew