Need help on copper sheet handle idea!

Oct 13, 1999
I just purchased a blade ground and finished by some fellow forumites, and was tossing some ideas around for a handle (the blade is a small tanto, double hollow ground).

I was thinking about using two strips of copper sheet on either side of the tang, cut to fit precisely. On top of each, I would put a smaller piece of thin micarta, leaving an inch of the copper exposed at the forward end. The result would be something similar to the copper habaki seen on some Japanese knives.

How would you attach the copper sheeting? Is epoxy enough? Are pins necessary?

Where can I find copper sheeting in an appropriate size?
Summerland, you may even want to hammer the copper a bit to give it a traditional look. I think what you are suggesting would work. If you don't want pins sticking through the material, you can do hidden pins, but they are a pain in the butt. I finished one of the tantos with black paper micarta scales and it looked awesome. If you are planning on using black Micarta for the scales, you can drill them as usual and use black Micarta pins. The holes in your knife are 3/32", and I think they make micarta pins in that diameter if I'm not mistaken.

Dr. Steve Agocs
You can solder the copper on the tang then mount the Micarta however you want that way you wont have a glue line between the copper and the tang.
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