Need help on sheath for HR?!?


Nov 7, 2005
Hi everyone
I just got my first Howling Rat and love it. But what I don't love is the leather sheath. I bought this knife b/c I wanted something super sturdy and light for extended time out in the backcountry. I really want to get a nylon sheath, something lightweight and practical that could be affixed to my backpack, etc. I saw that Sog made a nice nylon sheath for the Seal Pup (both blades are 4 3/4") but can't find them anymore. Does anyone know a great nylon sheath for this blade or have a quick recipe to make one?? I hope everyone had a good holiday.
Ahh I am prolly screwing up the name


Do a search for semperatus tactical or soemthing like that
i've never used it, but i found this one the other day and would love to know how it works with the howler. i have one on order right now, so if you want me to let you know what i think when it arrives, just hit me on a pm.

oh, and i emailed semper paratus a while back about a howling rat sheath, here's what dan said:

Currently I don't make a sheath for the HR as the blade is rather
short. I usually make sheaths for blades about 5.5" and larger. I would
recommend Brian at for a kydex sheath. Thanks.

good call though leatherface.
I took the Kydex sheath my SEAL pup came in and heated it up with a hair dryer, put the knife in and press formed it with some gloves on. Presto "Custom" fit sheath!
On the subject of sheaths for the Howler. . .


Do you make them for the Howler LM yet?

I will be in the next couple days (mine was delayed by usps)...I should have a couple kydex sheaths ready to go on Sat morning or Monday afternoon

How many ya want?? :)

Pm me bro for pricing!!
leatherface makes a great product at a great price! and delivery time is unbeatable.
crashwins (and anyone else looking for a nylon sheath for their gen 1 or 2 howler)-

got the 5.5" blackhawk sheath today and i'd say that it fits the bill for the howler. the plastic insert took some modification to make the howler fit, but only barely. nothing a blowdrier, a pair of pliers and ten minutes couldn't handle. the insert is maybe an inch or so too long for the blade, but i don't think that'll bug me too much. the storage pocket on the outside is decent sized and you can adjust the flap that closes it off to make it bigger. the handle is held by a snap and everything else is velcro. there is velcro along the back (running most of the lenght of the insert) to facilitate strapping it down and plenty of velcro up top for belt carry or strapping onto a bag. it comes with the leg tie-down too. all in all, probably a good buy.... but again, i JUST got it.