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Need help with finding knife

Dec 29, 2006
I was looking through a Buck catalog today and saw what they call a Revoloution and remebered a few years ago when I had one a lot like that
that I bought at a gas station for like 7 dollars. I was wondering if anybody knows where to find those cheap ones because I'd like to get a new one that doesn't cost $50.00. Just to help the revoluotion is a knife tha the blade can be folded into the handle and on the other side of the blade is a clip type deal.My thanks will go out to anyone willing to help.
Chances are you will only find those cheap ones at a gas station. Your best bet is to either get the buck or something similar. The knives you find at gas stations are usually very low quality with terrible materials used and will at some point more than likely break. With the buck and similar companies the workmanship will be far better as long materials.

Stick around for awhile and you will learn a great deal and eventually become a case of kdd (knife dependency disorder). :D
Believe me I've already got it. I've been playing with knives since I was little
I think I already scare the crap out of my parents with my love of knives I'm 14 and already have 4 folders, 1 sheath knife ,2 utility tools,and a butterfly knife.
buy a good knife.. there is none out of a gas station. //one that fits your
needs.. It will serve you a lifetime but it won't cost 8 bucks.
It could be a nice commercial knive or a real nice handmade, depends
on what you need.. I use a randall in the kitchen..
my problem is I can't find any that will fit my budget in the next ummmm...
never and I also can't find that one I was describing. Oh and the handmade
deal , my great uncle makes handmade knives and I've got one.
Is there any reason why you need a knife right away? Save up a bit and get something worthwhile. I'm 16 and I probalbly have around 60 knives. Sure some of them aren't cheap chinese crap but over the past few years i've learned a lot about knives and have begun getting better quality ones. I know that you can be impatient not having the funds right away but believe me when i say this. Find a knife you like and save up for it. Once you do get it you will feel a sense of accomplishment, and it'll be freakin sweet having a knife worth something that you picked out yourself. :thumbup:
I know I was thinking about secretly saving up and getting a switch from this pawnshop downtown but Ive heard bad stuff about people getting arrested
so im kinda on the fence about it all.
While I agree with Rat that the Kabar Dozier or Byrd knives will serve you much better, (and oh by the way I think you are trolling with this post) if you are for real and insist on buying a junker, go to Smoky Mountain Knifeworks and search by price. They have some junkers in the 5-10 dollar range.
I know I was thinking about secretly saving up and getting a switch from this pawnshop downtown but Ive heard bad stuff about people getting arrested
so im kinda on the fence about it all.

A switch? Switch blades are illegal more than likely and most likely it is something that could break and injure you or someone else. You might wanna rethink that choice.
what do you mean trolling?
(yes I know speak slow so the idiot will understand)
I'm ex law... I carried a benchmade switchblade i don't know the #
In may opinion there way over rated. Just because you can push a
button and make it open don't mean you know how to use it.. I
quit carring it and went back to the more tradional.. A spring means
look on ebay for the revolution. also try searching Froogle (google's shopping place) for "buck revolution". be advised though that a lot of knife companies and even ebay don;t like selling to minors.

i have to agree with the consensus. the 8 dollar gas station knife will break. i got cut pretty bad by one (i was GLAD it wouldn't hold an edge) when the lock failed.

sometimes at my other job, i depend on my knife, and if it decides not to stay sharp, i could get seriously injured. i don't own many high end knives, because i'm poor as dirt, but the inexpensive onws i own are quality. most are bucks. imo, you pay 30 bucks at walmart for a 110, and not only do you get a 50 dollar knife, you get one that'll last a long time.

my suggestion is to save up your money and get a knife you won't have to replace weekly.

sorry for the long post, my kdd is kdhd.:eek:
About the whole minors thing my Grandfather usually would get it for me
he doesn't care as long as I'm carefull and don't do stupid stuff.
damn, i'm a slow typer!:eek: i started my last post right after rat's!

a 14 year old with a switchblade...

the cops will LOVE that.
Then why don't you spend that money on a decent knife that you could get some use of? Also I don't think its such a great idea for a 14 year old to be playing with a switchblade.