Need Help with my Sheath

Feb 26, 2002
I have mentioned this in the last thread but thought it really needed a separate title. I have just taken delivery of a new Commemorative Urban Raven from Christine. It is one beautiful knife.

I hope I can explain this properly. The problem is that initially I couldn't get the knife out of the sheath no matter how hard I pulled. Eventually, I had to get a large screwdriver and put it into the kydex lip above the part of the sheath covering the guard and lever the kydex apart (on one side of the knife the guard is in the kydex sheath, but not the other side). By levering the kydex open, I was eventually able to extract the knife. But now I have it out, I can't get it back in. The kydex lip closes up tightly and there is no way the thick guard on one side can get past it.

Is there some technique I should be using to put my knife in and out of the sheath or have I struck a faulty sheath? I really want to use this knife, what can I do to fix the problem?:confused:
With many fixed blade Kydex sheath knives, I grip the knife, and place my thumb on the kydex above the spine. Then, I push the sheath forward with my thumb. However, I don't have an Urban Raven in my hands to test this with. Where is it hanging up?

Kydex has a somewhat low melting point. I haven't tried it, but if you heat the kydex it should become softer for a time.

In general, the sheath will get easier to use with use.
It appears the fastener (don't know what you call it - the round holed piece of metal that holds the kydex together - a rivet?) is too near the mouth of the sheath and won't let the kydex open up to let the guard on the knife out. I managed to get the knife back in (with a massive amount of effort) but now can't get it out. I have a large number of knives in kydex sheaths and I have never struck this problem before. It looks like it is a faulty sheath on this particular knife. I am afraid if I keep forcing it I will break the knife - that gives you an idea of how tightly it is held in the sheath.
Overlord, you are magnificent. I put a large screwdriver into the mouth of the sheath where the problem was and ran full hot water out of a tap over it for some minutes. I now have a perfectly fitting sheath. Having such a great knife and not being able to use it was a frustrating experience. I can't believe the cure was so easy.
Hey Glenn...

Another thing you can do to smoothen it up is just a tap of silicone spray on a Q-tip and rub a Very little amount inside the mouth of the sheath...

This will lube it up enough so everything slides nicely..