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Feb 4, 2000
I need help guys.

I'm looking for a strong production folder to go along with my beloved Sebenza.

I'm open to ideas. The knife will be a user so it must have a strong lock. So far I have my eye on a Microtech LLC or a Emerson Commander. I've been reading in the forums and have found both good and bad about both of these knives. Looking for IMHOs for either of these knives and/or suggestions.

Also looking for a pic of the liner area of both the Microtech and Emerson

Thanks for the help,

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Would recommend the MT LCC, the BM 730 axis lock, MT SOCOM elite. I have a SERE 2000 on order - heard very good things about them. The LCC has a very strong blade and good lockup. The 730 the strongest lockup. This is what I own and use that I consider strong/heavy duty. Others may mention the buck 110? I think? and also spyderco military.

happy buying
If you're looking for stronger lock-up than the Sebenza, I doubt you'll find it with a liner lock. I might recommmend one of the new compression lock Spydercos, or a rolling lock from Rekat, or an axis lock from Benchmade (though I don't like most BMs). All these companies make fine knives, with much greater strength than almost any liner lock.
Shep: The LCC has one of the most solid liner-locks I have seen. It locks up better than many customs I've handled. Overall construction is also very rugged. This is no lightweight knife. It's on the beefy side, but it's a bulldog work or tactical knife. For the money, it's amazing. Good luck with your choice.

Heh, heh, always willing to offer my "HO" to a fellow knifenut. Wait, that doesn't sound right...

Anyway, I just received a MT LCC (D/A w/micarta) and am very pleased with it. Very stout knife. Good lock up as far as liner locks go, excellent build quality, and it's heavy- this thing is a damn tank. I probably won't give mine any hard duty, but I would imagine it would laugh at most things you'd throw at it from a day to day basis.

I have mixed feelings about Benchmade, but I would recommend the 940 Osborne/Axis. Decent size, reasonable weight, good looks- well that's subjective- and of course, the most excellent Axis lock. Should make a nice addition to anyone's daily carry options.

I've only fondled a SERE at my local shop, but it's easy to see why people like them so much. Very solid piece. I just wonder if you'd grow tired of the spearpoint for daily tasks.

Can't speak for the Commander, never used or handled one. Seem nice enough, though.

I guess if I had to pick one to partner up with a Sebenza, I'd choose a Small or Medium Apogee from Darrel Ralph. My small is my daily carry, and is easily stronger than the typical liner locks- a nice compliment to my small sebenza- which mainly sees display case duty anyway. The 3.125" 420V blade cuts like a laser beam, and holds an edge for a good long time. At first I thought it was too pretty to actually use, but I just can't be without it. Plus, I'm partial to integral locks- and I've had a "thing" for the Apogee since Darrel started making them.

I'd say in "MHO" first choice: Small Apogee. Second choice: MT LCC.

Good luck!


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Ooops! Sorry about that, I just saw where you said "production folder". So in place of the Apogee, I'd recommend the LCC.


Name's Ash......Housewares.
First off, personally, I don't care too much for the Commander for general purpose carry; the blade shape is too specialized, chisel-ground edges are harder to use, and the wave is a liability (both from sheeple friendliness and hand safety standpoints). It's a great knife, but I wouldn't carry one every day.

For a long time, my standard recommendations for a full-size hard use folder were the BM 710 and the Starmate. Of late, I'd have to add to that the BM 730, SERE 2K, and LCC:

  • Benchmade 710 Axis Lock - A great all-round knife, unobtrusive in the pocket, good ergonomics (may be a bit slim for some hands), lots of edge (perhaps too much for some people/circumstances), nice recurve, ambidextrous, the fantastic Axis-Lock, and can be had with M2 steel. Benchmade tends to grind the edges too thick, but after an entertaining evening in front the of the TV with my Edge-Pro, mine now sports a 21 degree 4000-grit mirror polished edge
  • Spyderco Starmate - Lightest and slimmest of the bunch, yet has a terrific 5/32" 440V blade, and a really great liner lock (my favorite liner lock before the SERE and LCC came along). I think the only reason it gets less acclaim lately is because everyone is so focused on the more recent offerings.
  • Benchmade 730 Ares - I've raved about this knife many other places; it's not too small, not too big, sheeple friendly colors/size, useful blade shape, terrific ergonomics, fully ambidextrous, and Axis-Locks are wonderful -- an all-round really good practical every-day-carry. Heavier and thicker than the previous two in the list (though not so much as the next two), and opinions vary on the maroon/black striped handle (also now available in all black as the 732 and black/green striped as the 735).
  • Al Mar SERE 2000 - Sets a new standard for thoughtful heavy-duty construction; it weighs a lot and is fairly thick, but it sure ain't gonna break. Butter-smooth pivot, "oh-my-G*d"-thick liners, solid lockup with the loudest "click" I've ever heard. Looks like they screwed everything into the liners and then bolted the scales on afterwards, gives it a very clean appearance. Very secure grip and stout VG10 blade with a classic spearpoint grind. Voted best pocketknife to have along if you accidentally wander into a jungle or forest. One of my personal favorite daily carry knives for the past few weeks. First-run thumbstuds are not very thumb-friendly, but easily tamed with a dime's worth of heat-shrink tubing (I got clear from Frys, can't tell it's there without looking hard).
  • MT LCC - Over-engineered almost to the point of wretched excess, it's heavy, large and thick, and'll make you walk with a bit of a limp (at least at first), but you'll be convinced that MT accidentally shipped you one of the custom prototypes rather than a production piece -- it really is nice. Great liner lock, thick blade with beautiful flat grinds terminating in a thin edge. A little more aggressive looking than the others, to my eye anyway. The CF scales and Ti bolsters are beautiful and nicely hand-filling, but are much less "grippy" than all the others in this list. Still can't understand why they don't cost a lot more...

Thanks, perfect topic for avoiding housework on a Saturday afternoon

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The folder I own, and would choose would be the SOG Tomcat. This knife is built like a tank. (about as heavy as one too) But if you like the traditional folder, this is it. The lock is strong, the blade is thick, and the it just opens smooth. This knife is stout. The Al Mar Sere 2000 is sure to be a good one if it is anything like the older Sere. But of course you can't forget about the BUCK 110.
I am not a fan of linerlocks, but even I am having trouble finding fault with my SERE 2K. Like someone said: it's built like a tank and weighs like one too.

You know, with all the Ti, T6, quickdraw, clip, flip, flap muble-jumble of "modern day" folding knives, it's really hard to beat the the bang for the buck you get with a Buck 110 as a user/beater.
Thanks to all for the wonderful opinions. I've been looking around all weekend and no matter how I turn the page, it keeps opening to the LCC. I guess I'll let the gods make the choice. I'll call my friendly neighborhood dealer Monday morning and get the LCC on it's way.

And Carl, Thank you, because reading the replies all day got me out of some housework as well !!

I'm not nutz, I've just gone sebenza!

While I have a NIB LCC, it's going to collect dust. Yea, it's great for all the fore mentioned reasons. But for me, I prefer the Socom Elite. It has a tackier grip and its a little slimmer. What I like about it is that the Microbar lock seems almost as thick as the Sebenza's intergral lock. And lock up is so sure, that in some cases, I have to use two hands to disingage the lock. Perhaps this will change as I use the knife more. I actually am starting to go back to knives with a traditional lock back. I have had a couple of liner lock failures recently. And I'm talkin' major brands.
Good luck
Barry H
Benchmade 720 or 940 with the axis lock.


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I would get a 750 Benchmade Pinnicle.Great knife.imho


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