Need info on a Randall knife I aquired.

Dec 16, 2018
I have a Randall Model 13-6 and the blade has no choil cuts in it - it's a seven spacer knife with an ivory micarta commando style handle and a Johnson roughback sheath. I'm trying to find out the approx year of mfg. I've read about blade stamps being a fairly positive way of determining the years said stamp was used. I'll try and post a couple of pics later.
That's not micarta, it's ivory. Based on the sheath it's a 1964-66ish knife. Nice piece, great condition.
Ivory, really? Is that because of the yellowing? I thought it may have been staining from the sheath but I guess it does extend beyond where the handle contacts the sheath. So do you think the knife itself is of the same 1964-66ish time period? If so that would be wonderful.
tunefink is spot-on, and that's a great knife. If you look at the butt end, you should see the ivory grain pretty clearly. If so, please post a photo so others will know what it looks like. Thanks for sharing. :thumbsup:
I keep coming back to look. It’s stunning in its simplicity. Really really nice. Thanks for sharing it.