Need info on an old CRKT model, nr 6213, named delta

Nov 17, 1999
Hello folks,

I am going to choose in a trade between a CRKT delta, nr 6213, and a black buck nighthawk.
Now I know how the nighthawk looks, but I have no clue about the specs or looks of the CRKT. Can some-one fill me in? Picture, webpage..;anything that gives info is O.K. and appreciated.

greetz & thanks in advance, Bart.

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The CRKT is one of the discontinued models. I believe that Jim Hammond designed it. It hasn't been around for three years at least. It is a folder.
The Buck is a current model. It is also a fixed blade. They are really two very different knives.
Keep an eye on ebay for the CRKT Delta, some guy was selling them for $20USD.