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need info on swedish made fixed blades

Jan 9, 2001
I'm looking for info on swedish made fixed blades, about a 4" carbon steel blade, wood or rubberized handle. Like a pilot survival knife

Bryan Webb

Check this out: www.fallkniven.com the F1 should fit your needs, which is used by the Swedish Air Force fighter pilots.
Good knife!

Edited! didn't read carefully, no carbon blade on this baby. Sorry!

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FYI .. Several of the Falkniven's were recently approved for use by USN and USMC pilots.

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The Fallkniven F1 is just about flawless. For alternative carrying options, contact Mike Sastre at River City Sheaths ( VideoSAS@aol.com). He made me a great IWB for mine.

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I have a Fallkniven S1 and it is really a great knife. I'm no expert or anything, but the VG-10 steel seems really great to me. The knife is stout and strong, but the edge isnt too thick. Just right IMO...

Try it out! You'll like it!

Fallknivens are great using survival blades. Just got a WM1 in a neck sheath. Very useful and have received no strange stares with it worn openly in my shop.

But I do believe that at least one of their models are made in Japan??


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ALL of Fallknivens knives are made in Japan. I have a large problem with this - not that the Japanese manufacture makes tham of any lesser quallity, but I feel thier advertising combined with their name leads one to believe they are made in Sweden.

I like buying knives that are authentic. A tanto made in Japan, a bowie made in America, or a pukko from a Scandinavian country. If a knife is made by a company with a distinctly Swedish name and advertises itself as official issue to the Swedish military and uses the Swedish flag in thier advertising, they should damn well be made in Sweden.

If you want a real Swedish knife, go see Kellam!



P.S. - I'm really not intersted in a discussion about the global economy or the finer aspects of knife design and outsourced production. I feel how I feel.

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Please look here for some my impressions on Fällkniven knives:
K1 and K2

As to my knowledge Japanese Moki and AG Sakai are making knives for Fällkniven. The same factories make knives for SPYDERCO and probably for SOG. Japanese made SPYDERCO's do not stop to be SPYDERCO's, so why Fällkniven's should?

I really do not see here something what could be considered as unfair or so on. Especially taking into consideration that Fällkniven never stated their knives are made in Sweden...

The name Spyderco is a generic name that implies no link to any specific country of origin for its products. I don't believe they intentionally chose this name because it is neutral - it just worked out that way.

The name Fallkniven, combined with many other refernces to Sweden in thier advertising, most certainly makes an attempt to create a link bewteen these knives and Sweden. Why? I really don't care where the parent comany resides or who designed the knife - it is built in Japan and to me it will always be a "Japanese" knife. Again, this does not mean there is anything wrong with the quality. To me this is simply an issue of feeling mislead by advertising becasue as I posted earlier, I like to by knives that are "authentic". If Kopromed were made in Taiwan would these still be Polish knives? Not for me they wouldn't.

If you want a true Scandinavian knife, buy a Kellam. If you want a good knife sold by a Swedish company, buy a Fallkniven. It's that simple.

I also find it interesting that the original post clearly stated that Bryan was interested in "swedish made fixed blades". Every post but one immediately recommended Fallkniven. Obviously Fallknivens advertising has everyone believeing they are made in Sweden when they really are not. How is this not deceptive advertising?



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I personally don't give a gerbil's butt about where Fallkniven's are made. Plain and simple, they're fine knives for the money.

It's not the pace of life that concerns me, It's the sudden stop at the end.
Are you sure that Kellam makes pure Swedish knives? As to my knowledge they are American company and great part of their knives are made in Finland. Does this make their knives worse or better?

Don't want to discuss about worldwide industrial cooperation? No problem, but without understanding of these processes it is impossible to orientate oneself in modern product origin, no matter is it knife, gun, plain, car etc. etc. All modern hi-tech products are the fruit of many people's effort in various countries. American knife makers and manufacturers use Japan made steels like ATS-34 and VG-10, Japanese company (Hitachi for ex.) casts these steels from Swedish iron, European knife manufacturers use American made Kydex sheaths for their knives, leather sheaths mostly are made in Spain of South American leather. I could continue this list but I don't want to bore anyone deadly...

Yes, Fällkniven knives are made in Japan (not only Fällkniven at least) but they are designed in Sweden, named in Sweden, introduced and sold by Swedish company, Swedish company is owner of all copyrights, drawings etc., etc.
Let's talk about knives are they good or bad or at least do we like them or do not. But it is really no sense to talk about any product "raciality" or "purity", soon we will land in complete nonsense.

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Hey Guys...

Concidering that Fallkniven means "Folding Knife",or something to that extent,, and as far as I know,, Fallkniven doesn't make any folders,, it doesn't really matter,,as long as they aren't made in Tiawan..

The Entire line of Fallkniven knives, are well designed, well thought out, Hard Using blades..

Good Enuf for Me...



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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Sergiusz Mitin:
Are you sure that Kellam makes pure Swedish knives?</font>
"Scandinavian" was the word used. It's perhaps not quite right to include Finland in that, but from a knife standpoint Norway/Sweden/Finland are similiar, so I think it's OK from this point of view <small>(I even include <a href="http://www.marttiini.fi/">Marttiini</a> in my list of "Scandinavian" companies)</small>.
To me it seems like Kellam doesn't actually make knives, but import them, and some shown on their web site certainly aren't Finnish -- but those who are labeled as Finnish are made in Finland, by <a href="http://www.kuhmonet.fi/kainuunpuukko/">Kainuun Puukko</a>.

Apart from <a href="http://www.fallkniven.com">Fällkniven AB</a>, the Swedish knife makers we have are <a href="http://www.eka-knivar.se/">EKA-knivar</a>, <a href="http://www.frosts.se/">Frosts Knivfabrik AB</a> and <a href="http://www.kjeriksson.se/">KJ Eriksson AB</a>.
But really, if it has to be carbon steel and a pilot survival knife, I don't think any of them have what the original poster is looking for. Perhaps some of the custom makers in the <a href="http://www.dellenwebben.com/svenskkniv/english/english.htm">Swedish Knife-association</a> makes something suitable, but for the most part the working knives they make are designed for hunting.

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